Trump Blames Christie for FBI Director Chris Wray’s Appointment

In an upcoming interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, former President Donald Trump pointed fingers at former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, holding him responsible for the appointment of Christopher Wray as FBI director.

A clip of Trump’s interview, which will air on Sunday, was shown on Fox News.

While admitting that hiring Wray might have been a mistake, Trump clarified that he did so based on strong urging from Christie.

“Yeah, sadly. It probably was [a mistake],” Trump said. “It was recommended very strongly by Chris Christie, who was, you know, a sad case. I mean, I watch him. He’s a sad case.”

Christie, who had previously acknowledged recommending Wray to Trump, defended his decision, stating that Wray has performed well in his role.

“I was one of the people who recommended Christopher Wray to President Trump, and I’m proud to have done so, and I think he’s done a very good job,” Christie said last week on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.

This week, FBI Director Wray took a substantial amount in highly contentious hearings over the FBI’s inability to prevent the rioting on January 6, as well as accusations over the bureau protecting the Biden family from scrutiny over alleged corrupt dealings.

Trump also took the opportunity to take a shot at Christie’s political standing, highlighting his low polling numbers and disagreements with his own policies.

“Well, I know. And you know how he’s doing. He’s at 1%, and he probably won’t even make the debate stage. Now, Chris is a … he’s sad. I mean, I watched him the other day. He said I built 47 miles of wall. I’ve built over 500 miles of wall. And that’s homeland security statements. I had the safest border in the history of our country. I built massive miles of wall and was going to put up another 200 miles. Everything was built. They just had to erect [it],” Trump continued.

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This is one of the first public admissions by Donald Trump that the appointment of a high-ranking public official who became a Biden holdover was probably a ‘mistake.’

By Melinda Davies
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