Big Tech Companies Form ‘Woke’ Partnership to Weaponize AI

The Artificial Intelligence revolution reflects a critical juncture in human history; it is as massive in its implications as the atomic bomb that heralded the dawn of the nuclear age.

In a telling example of Artificial Intelligence’s profound political implications, “AI Czar” Kamala Harris recently struggled to encapsulate what is stake with the burgeoning AI technology.

“I think the first part of this issue that should be articulated is AI is kind of a fancy thing,” Harris said. “First of all, it’s two letters. It means artificial intelligence, but ultimately what it is, is it’s about machine learning.”

“And so, the machine is taught — and part of the issue here is what information is going into the machine that will then determine — and we can predict then, if we think about what information is going in, what then will be produced in terms of decisions and opinions that may be made through that process,” she added.

It was all so casual and simplistic that one might have mistaken Kamala Harris’s discourse about AI to be one given at a kindergarten class. However, it was actually given at a White House meeting with labor union organizers, consumer protection advocates, and civil rights leaders.

The White House has argued that “unchecked” Artificial Intelligence represents a threat to the American people because it can exacerbate social inequality and perpetuate biases. It has therefore established a “blueprint” for an AI “Bill of Rights.”

“Among the great challenges posed to democracy today is the use of technology, data, and automated systems in ways that threaten the rights of the American public,” the document states. “Too often, these tools are used to limit our opportunities and prevent our access to critical resources or services. These problems are well documented.”

“In America and around the world, systems supposed to help with patient care have proven unsafe, ineffective, or biased. Algorithms used in hiring and credit decisions have been found to reflect and reproduce existing unwanted inequities or embed new harmful bias and discrimination. Unchecked social media data collection has been used to threaten people’s opportunities, undermine their privacy, or pervasively track their activity—often without their knowledge or consent,” the document continued.

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“These outcomes are deeply harmful—but they are not inevitable,” the blueprint claimed.

The White House thus proposed a pathway to control and management of Artificial Intelligence to promote its political agenda.

This five-point principles include: (1) Systems should undergo pre-deployment testing, risk identification and mitigation, and ongoing monitoring that demonstrate they are safe and effective (2) You should not face discrimination by algorithms and systems should be used and designed in an equitable way; (3) You should be protected from abusive data practices; (4) You should know how and why an outcome impacting you was determined by an automated system, including when the automated system is not the sole input determining the outcome; and (5) Appropriateness should be determined based on reasonable expectations in a given context and with a focus on ensuring broad accessibility and protecting the public from especially harmful impacts.

This all seems rather benign on the surface level. But make no mistake – the radical left is highly interested in weaponizing artificial intelligence to promote its political agenda.

In the mad scramble to control artificial intelligence, Big Tech companies and radical activists have quietly formed a pact to rig the technology to indoctrinate citizens, and to manipulate them into adopting left-wing theories, such as Critical Race Theory, ESG  [Environmental, Society & Governance], DEI [Diversity, Equity & Inclusion], and Marxism.

An investigation by the American Accountability Foundation uncovered the ‘Woke’ partnership that has developed between technology corporations and radical activists.

“Our investigation has revealed a ‘partnership’ between the world’s biggest tech companies to together rig AI to be woke,” AAF reported. “The partnership explicitly cites Karl Marx and Critical Race Theory in their plans.”

“Many have noticed that AI today has a distinct woke, leftist bias,” the report added. “Systems like ChatGPT and Bard have taken clear positions on political and social issues.”

“This is very concerning. As @ElonMusk [Elon Musk] put it ‘The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly’,” the report continued. “However, an investigation by AAF has uncovered a serious contributor to this trend: the @PartnershipAI.”

“In 2016, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft founded the ‘Partnership on AI,’ later joined by Apple, the Ford Foundation, OpenAI, IBM, Adobe, the ACLU, and others,” the report stated.

“According to the Partnership’s former Chief of Staff @sjgadler [Steven Adler] (who now works at OpenAI – maker of ChatGPT) Big Tech firms which are usually competitors formed the Partnership because none of them had the ‘political capital’ to get away with doing what they want to do alone,” the report noted.

“According to the Partnership, ‘we need to be sensitive to the possibility that there are hidden assumptions and biases in data, and therefore in the systems built from that data’,” it went on.

According to the paper, “These principles build upon the work of many thought leaders in the fields of Indigenous AI, feminist HCI, crip technoscience, data justice, and critical race theory who have… far more substantial publications discussing the importance of these dimensions.”

“In one workshop on ‘Algorithmic Fairness,’ a Partnership researcher (who now works on AI at @Sony),@alicexiang [Alice Xiang], warned that their ‘techniques’ could be ‘interpreted from a legal perspective as being forms of affirmative action’ and recommended ways to get away with it,” the report noted, providing video.

“At another workshop on ‘data colonialism’, Professor Nick Couldry stated that ‘code’s operations necessarily reproduce the neocolonial conditions of the their creation’,” the report continued, providing another video.

“Couldry also told tech firms that AI developers should follow the teachings of Karl Marx,” the report noted.

“At a workshop titled ‘Towards a Critical Race Methodology for Algorithmic Fairness’, Google AI scientist Emily Denton – who appears to have become ‘Remi’ Denton (they/them) – said that AI must ‘focus on the processes of racism’ instead of accepting facts about different races,” AAF reported. “‘They/them’ also claimed that ‘race is central to algorithmic fairness.”

“Not surprisingly, the companies that founded and bankroll the Partnership follow its recommendations,” the report said. “@Microsoft’s (which is backing OpenAI) website blames white men for AI being ‘biased’.”

“At @Meta, ‘In the context of AI, our Responsible AI team has developed and is continually improving our Fairness Flow tools and processes to help our ML engineers detect certain forms of potential statistical bias in certain types of AI models’,” the report said.

“According to @Google’s website, ‘AI has the potential to worsen existing societal challenges — such as unfair bias’,” the report added.

Google also says, “Addressing fairness, equity, and inclusion in AI is an active area of research, from fostering an inclusive workforce… to assessing training datasets for potential sources of unfair bias… Google is committed to making progress in all of these areas.”

“The woke don’t sleep and never miss an opportunity to seize more power,” the report went on. “It is vital that the American people are made aware of what is happening before it is too late.”

The AI race is eerily beginning to resemble a nuclear arms race. And even scientists on the cutting edge of AI technology are beginning to see disturbing parallels with the development of nuclear weapons.

Anthropic, a Google-backed San Francisco-based AI firm, was recently featured in the New York Times for having such apprehensions.

“In a series of long, candid conversations, Anthropic employees told me about the harms they worried future A.I. systems could unleash, and some compared themselves to modern-day Robert Oppenheimers, weighing moral choices about powerful new technology that could profoundly alter the course of history,” the Times reported.

“Some of us think that A.G.I. — in the sense of systems that are genuinely as capable as a college-educated person — are maybe five to 10 years away,” said Jared Kaplan, Anthropic’s chief scientist.

Whomever controls this AGI will be able to rewrite human history with the push of a button, dominate and manipulate every online conversation, censor citizens at will while protecting the powerful and privileged, and digitally connect each user’s conversations to a “social credit score” with the capability of shutting down their bank funds through algorithmically controlled CBDCs (Central Banking Digital Currencies).

AI’s rapidly approaching advancement to the surpassing of its human creators resembles the fateful moment when scientist Robert Oppenheimer, who perfected the nuclear bomb, looked upon the horrifying results of his work and uttered, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Except AI will not become the destroyer of worlds. It will someday become the recreator and dominator of them.

By Melinda Davies
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