Trump Appointed Judge Kills Hunter Biden Plea Deal After Expressing Concern Over Terms of the Agreement

Trump Appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika killed a plea agreement reached months ago between Hunter Biden’s lawyers and lawyers representing the United States. This came after Noreika expressed concerns over the terms of the agreement.

Nick Sortor tweeted:

“HUNTER BIDEN’S PLEA DEAL FALLS APART IN COURT Hunter Biden arrived in a Delaware court today prepared to enter a guilty plea on two tax misdemeanors, but the judge KILLED the deal after expressing concerns about terms of the agreement.”

RNC Research shared a video of a CBS reporter breaking the news:

“CBS NEWS: Hunter Biden’s lead attorney told the court “as far as he was concerned, ‘the plea deal was NULL AND VOID.’”

Hunter Biden had arrived at the courthouse earlier expecting to have his plea of guilty entered in exchange for the now-voided plea deal. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tweeted:

“According to the prosecutors and the defense, there is no Hunter Biden plea deal and things appear to have fallen apart during today’s hearing. Hunter Biden had been expected to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors, via @Tierney_Megan and @KaraScannell.”

Leo Terrell shared:

“Breaking News: Hunter Biden’s plea deal is falling apart. The Judge has a backbone!”

Greg Price shared a clip from CNN that explains more in-depth what happened:

“BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s plea deal just fell apart in court due to investigations that are still on going into potential FARA violations.”

Price also paraphrased what the courtroom reporter relayed to viewers.

“Judge: “Wait a second, your client is under investigation for being an unregistered agent of the Chinese?” Hunter’s lawyer: “Yes and we want immunity from that to be a part of the plea deal” Judge: “Fuck no” Hunter’s lawyer: “Fuck you!”

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Fox News courtroom reporter also explains what happened in the courtroom as cameras and electronics are not allowed in.

“BREAKING: Judge strikes down Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal”

Currently, court has been dismissed for a break and is supposed to reconvene later today. At this time it is unclear if another agreement may be brought forth or if this case will now head to court. It appears we may have this answered when they reconvene.

CNN came out with an update. The courtroom reporter told viewers that a plea deal may be salvaged, but will be “much more limited”

“UPDATE: Hunter’s plea deal is back but “much more limited in scope”

By Liam Donovan
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