Trish Regan Warns Democrats: Sham Indictment Will Help Trump Win in 2024

Conservative commentator Trish Regan shared her thoughts on the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Regan tweeted:

“Are the Democrats TRYING to help Trump secure 4 more years in the Oval Office? This indictment is straight up banana republic-style stuff. Imagine: indicting a political rival for the SAME crime that Biden is accused of committing (leaving the White House with classified materials). This will NOT sit well with the American public.”

The hypocrisy is glaring, as the indictment comes even after it was revealed that Joe Biden mishandled multiple classified documents from his time as vice president. He had them stashed in multiple locations that were not secure. Mike Pence was also found to be in possession of classified documents as well.

As Regan tweeted this action by the Justice Department is “straight up banana republic-style stuff.” The indictment from the DOJ came the same day that members of the House were finally allowed to review a document that describes criminal activity perpetrated by Biden. The FBI tried hard to hold on to the document claiming at one time they didn’t know where it was and then dragging out as long as they could on delivering it to Congress.

The indictment seems to have come as pressure has begun to mount on Biden and his family. Donald Trump is polling at the top of the GOP contenders for 2024 and has been since the race started. He is miles ahead of others who have announced their runs.

Trump has been plagued by what he has called witch hunt after witch hunt. Trump has fought through and his supporters have not been dismayed. Actions that seem unfair and unjustified to many only seem to strengthen people’s support for Trump.

As the DOJ moves forward on this next witch hunt we will see how it all plays out. These actions give many the feeling that Democrats will do anything to try to stop Trump from returning to the presidency.

By Hunter Fielding
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