Countering Reports Circulate of Johnny Depp’s Return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

As Johnny Depp turned 60 Friday, countering reports of a possible return to Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ have been circulating.

The Daily Mail released an “exclusive” claiming that Depp has no interest in returning and that he is “still furious at the studio for dropping him.”

They quote their source as saying, “They blind dropped him even though Amber had lied her a** off.” Amber Heard is Depp’s ex-wife who he successfully sued for defamation after she publicly claimed he abused her.

Depp has been on Tour playing guitar with his band Hollywood Vampires which also includes Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

Last night at their concert in Ronmania the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Depp.

The countering article claimed to be another “exclusive” put out by the Daily Express US cites their source saying that the claim of being angry with Disney is “completely inaccurate.”

The Daily Express’s source stated, “People are just making things up about Johnny at this point. They are trying to capitalize off the anniversary of the trial to fill blank space for news.”

The door for a return might still be open, with the countering arguments and no identified sources, it is very unclear where the claims are coming from.

Time will reveal all. Happy Birthday Johnny Depp.

By Hunter Fielding
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