Train Carrying Loads of Migrants Spotted Heading for the U.S. Mexico Border by Citizen Journalist as Biden Border Invasion Continues

Citizen journalist Auden B. Cabello is reporting on what the mainstream media does not want you to see today. For various reasons, RINOs and Democrats have been flooding the nation with illegal immigrants for decades. Since Joe Biden took office, things seem to have increased, however.

Many feel it’s because President Trump slowed down the process while he was in office, and now the Biden administration is looking the other way to allow the slowdown to be made up for.

A train was spotted heading from Mexico to the United States with what appears to be future illegal immigrants riding on top trying to get into the nation. A related post on X shows a different group of migrants looking to cross Eagle Pass, Texas, as well.

“All aboard! Here comes another train load. @CBP and @CityEaglePassTx might as well close both bridges. Spotted leaving central Mexico and making its way to the US/MX border.”

“Happening Now: A large group in Piedras Negras is making their way to cross into Eagle Pass, Texas. Video: @efraiinGzz

Many weak Republicans claim that the border needs to be secured, but don’t talk about it enough, or take enough action. The fact is that large corporations bolster their profits by using cheap labor and legal and often illegal migrants end up assisting them.

This is a dirty secret in D.C. as both parties enable it to some degree, despite one party pretending to care. In the eyes of many, only Donald Trump and a small select handful of other politicians truly want to stop the bleeding so to speak.

Vice President Kamala Harris, AKA the Border Czar, famously told would-be illegal immigrants to “do not come” which may go down in history as a world record most disingenuous thing ever said by a politician. This is because the Democrat party clearly will stop at nothing to prevent the CBP from actually doing its job and sealing off the border.

Historically, American voters have looked the other way, particularly Democrats. However, with polls showing Donald Trump pulling ahead of Joe Biden despite indictments and lies being pushed about the former daily by the left-wing media, public opinion may be shifting.

U.S. House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tweeted about immigration today too on a slightly related note:

“It’s not just the southern border. The northern border sector saw a 550% increase in illegal alien apprehensions last fiscal year. They came from 79 different countries. Who isn’t Border Patrol catching? And where are they going once apprehended and released?”

Anyone who has taken a commercial flight lately has probably seen likely illegal immigrants with name tags hanging around their necks being shuttled by the government to cities all around the nation. Why exactly is this being allowed to happen?

By Liam Donovan
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7 months ago

Very stupid people!

They will never be accepted or assimalate.
Most will go back on their own or by deportation!!! Amen

7 months ago

how are they making it to America? they are dead broke for sure, how can they afford to pay thousands of dollars for the trip from around the world, who is paying for this? who is it? someone is behind all this!! why America? bringing millions to America doorstep cost billions I am sure.

Last edited 7 months ago by Joselito_loppezz3
7 months ago


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