Checkmate? Trump Lawyers Savage Jack Smith in Discovery Request: ‘Please Provide all Documents Regarding Informants, Cooperator, Undercover Agents…’

According to Julie Kelly, Donald Trump’s lawyers are going on offense in the Jack Smith January 6th case. It seems that the Trump team believes there were federal agents in the crowd antagonizing and taunting people to act up on January 6th, 2021. Many Trump supporters believe this to be the case. Many believe the government helped aid the crowd so they could demonize and blame Donald Trump later for what happened.

Even though the government didn’t like the tweets and Facebook posts by Donald Trump that day, at no point did he ask anyone to riot violently or do anything illegal. Many believe this is a political hit job to stop Trump from getting back into the White House. Despite that, Trump is beating Joe Biden in the polls badly, as we recently reported.

It’s important to clarify that Media Right News makes no claims as to what happened on January 6th for sure as it pertains to possible federal or undercover agents. We are simply reporting on the news and what many feel is true.

See X posts where Julie Kelly highlights that this Jack Smith case could potentially backfire on Biden and the Democrats in a big way.

“Whoo boy–last week, Trump’s lawyers in J6 case filed a 9-page discovery letter seeking lots of records from Special Counsel and DOJ related to 2020 election and Jan 6. Some highlights:

I’ve said Smith’s indictment could backfire on Dems/Biden in a big way. If Trump’s team gets even some of this discovery, that’s exactly what will happen–not just related to 2020 election but J6 in general:”

“BREAKING: Trump has filed a motion in the January 6th indictment case seeking all information about the FBI informants & undercover agents that were there in the crowd. This case could backfire greatly because this is what they’ve been hiding about January 6th They’re also seeking information on any foreign actors that might’ve been there. Countries all over the world could be in big trouble if it’s found that their foreign nationals were at the US capitol helping to entrap US citizens. Per @julie_kelly2

As of November 27, 2023, Donald Trump’s lawyers have requested discovery from Special Counsel Jack Smith related to any undercover agents that may have been present in the crowd during the January 6th Capitol riot. This request is part of the ongoing legal battle between Trump and the Justice Department, which is investigating Trump’s potential role in inciting the riot.

Trump’s lawyers have argued that the presence of undercover agents in the crowd could have influenced the actions of the rioters and that this information is crucial to their defense. They have also argued that the government has a duty to disclose the identities of any undercover agents who were present.

Special Counsel Smith has not yet responded to Trump’s request for discovery. It is possible that Smith will agree to provide some information about undercover agents, but it is also possible that he will argue that this information is classified or that it could jeopardize ongoing investigations.

The outcome of this dispute could have a significant impact on the Trump investigation. If Trump’s lawyers are able to obtain information about undercover agents, it could help them to build their case that Trump was not responsible for the riot. However, if Smith is able to withhold this information, it could make it more difficult for Trump’s lawyers to mount a defense.

By Liam Donovan
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6 months ago

They will just refuse & Lie like they always do!

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