The Republican Party Sends Thousands of Explicit Flyers About Democrat Susanna Gibson’s Sex Tape

The Virginia Republican Party didn’t hold back and sent out numerous explicit flyers about Democrat Susanna Gibson’s online sex scandal just two weeks before the election.

Susanna Gibson, the Democratic candidate running for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates against Republican David Owen, shared explicit content with her husband online under the name “HotWifeExperience,” all the while actively seeking ‘tips’ from their online viewers.

Gibson’s online sex scandal has the potential to significantly harm the Democrats as they enter a critical election, where they’re making a fervent effort to regain control of the House.

A 40-year-old mother of two, campaigning for a position in suburban Richmond’s 57th district, allegedly used a platform known as Chaturbate to stream sex acts with her husband in exchange for ‘tokens.’

The Virginia Republican Party sent out thousands of flyers featuring explicit quotes from Susanna Gibson’s X-rated videos. In one instance, Gibson told her online audience, “I need more tokens before I let him do that,” in reference to a particular sexual act with her husband, all in an attempt to encourage “tips.”

The envelopes warned residents: “Do not open if you are under the age of 18,” and “Warning: Explicit material enclosed.”

Gibson’s sex scandal is spinning out of hand. Her poll ratings have dropped by over 10 percentage points, and Virginia Democrats have distanced themselves from supporting her.

Additionally, the poll found that “more than 80%” of voters have heard about Susanna Gibson’s online sex scandal.

The Gibson Campaign released this statement:

“David Owen and the Virginia GOP are trying to distract voters from their extreme agenda to ban abortion, defund schools, and allow violent criminals to access weapons of war. Voters are tired of these desperate attacks, and they will not be fooled by them. From day one, Susanna has been focused on protecting reproductive freedom, fully funding our schools, and keeping our communities safe. Nothing will ever deter her commitment to our community.

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson stated:

“As stated in the disclaimer, it came from the Republican Party of Virginia. Gibson’s campaign has falsely alleged that the videos of her publicly engaging in sexual activity on publicly accessible pornography websites were “leaked” by Republicans. In reality, the opposite is true. After the revelation of her very public acts, polling now shows her to be 11 points behind her Republican opponent. Additionally, her running mates, Schuyler VanValkenburg and Rodney Willett, have not condemned her actions. The mail piece corrects her false statements using already-published mainstream media news accounts and Gibson’s own public words as documented via her videos.”


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By Hunter Fielding
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