WEF Founder’s Son Blows Whistle: ‘Arrest Globalists for Crimes against Humanity’

The son of a World Economic Forum (WEF) co-founder has blown the whistle and is calling for the arrest of the globalist elite for “crimes against humanity.”

Powerful retired Swiss banker Pascal Najadi, whose father Hussain Najadi was assassinated in 2013, is calling for justice against those responsible for releasing the COVID-19 “vaccines” worldwide.

Najadi is reportedly joining forces with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger to demand full criminal prosecution of all involved in COVID injections, which they both now refer to as “bioweapons.”

In a major blow to the elite, Najadi has specifically called for the arrest of WEF members, World Health Organization bureaucrats, and Bill Gates over allegations they targeted the human race with “bioweapons.”

Najadi resigned from his powerful banking position a short while back, but while on the job he wielded significant influence over world affairs.

His job was to advise countries and heads of state on the financial direction of their respective countries.

Najadi is also responsible for the recent resignation of Swiss President Alain Berset, against whom Najadi filed a criminal lawsuit at the high Supreme Court of Switzerland, accusing Berset of making false claims about the “safety” and “effectiveness” of mRNA COVID jabs.

In Najadi and Dr. Stuckelberger’s documentary film, Najadi explains at length his late father’s disdain for the Geneva-based WEF.

His father actually left the WEF, which he co-founded, back in the early 1980s, leaving Klaus Schwab at the helm.

“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” Najadi said.

“You have WHO [World Health Organization] in Geneva, you have GAVI [Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance], then you have the WEF, which my father was a co-founder and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust in the early eighties that has diplomatic immunity,” he continued.

Najadi is further declaring that, as a Swiss citizen, he is free to declare the WEF ineligible for any further diplomatic immunity, which has long served as cover for its crimes against humanity.

He wants Swiss authorities to start arresting the perpetrators of COVID-19 crimes against humanity, which include a “global humanity injection by a bioweapon.”

Big Pharma, Big Tech, the WEF, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other globalist-controlled entities are all responsible in part for the COVID jab scheme, and Najadi wants all of them to face the music.

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“I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately,” Najadi said.

“Why? The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates all advocated a global humanity injection by a bioweapon injecting nanolipids into 5.7 billion people.”

“And we Swiss are hosting them. That’s terrible,” he added.

Najadi says that both he and his mother are victims, too, having both taken the jabs, and both are now dying from it, he says.

“It’s a democide and will be judged,” Najadi further pronounced.

“It will be corrected in the name of humanity.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago


IF you don’t , the world will go up in flames

30 days ago

What the Federation has planed for all of us is unimaginable. They plan somehow to reduce the world’s population (except for elites, of course) by 98%, as per their estimates. Chemically modified meats and vegetables are in their plans and the last goodie they are going to have for us is that we shall all be required to live in mud huts. I didn’t make this up!

Last edited 30 days ago by elizabethrc
30 days ago

Encouraging to know some ‘elites’ still maintain intelligence despite being the sperm of such a deadly, evil, murderous black-souled – dare I say – ‘human.’

30 days ago

It’s hard to wrap ones head around the blatant evil of the synagogue of satan’s zionist demons. They enjoy inflicting horrific crime on humanity & God’s innocent. Comeuppance will be suuuuweeeeet!

30 days ago

hang the guilty…..we know who they are….immunity from premeditated mass murder is insane! Switzerland is looking into taking immunity away from the WHO, WEF, UN for crimes against humanity.

30 days ago

I say we take off and nuke the entire site (Davos) from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

30 days ago
Reply to  CharlieSeattle

yes what he said
your response is absolutely the response to all of the nonsense..
you made me laugh i just came from the article on air vax and saw your comment there..they need to be forced to live they planned for us..wall em all off together in their own spot …like escape from ny..

29 days ago


25 days ago

I thoroughly agree with Pascal Najadi. The WEF, WHO et al, are complicit in criminal ventures against the world and should be held accountable. Get rid of these organizations, they serve no purpose.

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