Taxpayer-Funded Luxury High-Rise Homeless Shelter Opens in Los Angeles, Each Unit Costing $600,000

As hard-working Americans struggle in Joe Biden’s economy, a new luxury high-rise homeless shelter opened in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, funded by taxpayers at an estimated cost of $600,000 per unit.

The Weingart Center Tower, constructed at an estimated cost of $168 million, features 228 studio apartments, 47 one-bedroom apartments, and three units designated for onsite managers.

The residents will enjoy onsite amenities such as a gym, art room, music room, cafe, pool, and library.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Besides a floor of offices for case workers, conference rooms and property managers, the tower boasts a gym, an art room, a soundproofed music room, a computer room/library, a TV lounge, six common balconies, four of them with dog runs, and a ground floor cafe with a two-story glass wall facing a courtyard.

The music and art rooms were included to facilitate programming by outside organizations.

Each room — 228 studios and 50 one-bedroom apartments — has its own TV, and the cafe will also bring residents together on movie nights.

The $165-million project will receive permanent financing from Proposition HHH, state housing funds and $56 million in state tax credits. The cost, at just under $600,000 per unit, puts it at the high end of Proposition HHH projects but well below the most expensive.

According to Fox 11, this will be the first of three towers. The second tower is scheduled to open in 18 months, and the third is currently in the development stage.

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By Hunter Fielding
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