Target Caves, Will Remove Some Clothing Following Backlash Over LGBT Products

Target spokesperson Kayla Castaneda told Reuters that it will be pulling some “LGBT” products after it faced backlash from customers.

“Pride” month starts in June, however, Target started putting out items for “Pride” at the beginning of May. Target has put out items for “Pride” month for the past decade.

This year, the collection has brought forth more confrontations between customers and employees. The company had an “emergency” phone meeting recently, where it instructed some stores to move the “Pride” items away from the front of the store.

Castaneda shared that because of the “widespread” “criticism,” it would be making “adjustments”. In layman’s terms, they will be withdrawing some of the products because of the backlash.

Some of the scrutiny has come from Target’s partnering with LGBT brand Abprallen, which sells some items with a pro-satanic message. Target has now decided to remove all Abprallen merchandise from its stores as well as from online sales.

“Tuck friendly” swimsuits which highlight the swimsuit’s ability to help hide male genitalia are also currently being reviewed as well as pro-LGBT children’s merchandise according to Castaneda.

Castaneda added, “Given these volatile circumstances, we are removing merchandise that is the target of ire.”

Conservative consumers seem to be fed up with the left’s LGBTQ+ agenda shoved in their faces all the time.

Notably, Bud Light has faced a boycott after it was revealed by transactivist Dylan Mulvaney that she was the recipient of a promotional can with her face on it.

Anheuser Busch, the parent company of Bud Light has tried to play clean-up and seems to have succeeded in upsetting the pro-trans community, which started its own boycott of Bud Light in response.

It seems that a line has been drawn in the sand and companies are making a little effort to appease conservative consumers. However, they are finding they are making leftists angry in the process. With government programs like ESG pushing corporations to serve Marxist messaging, it’s hard to say if anyone will get the memo for the long term.

By Hunter Fielding
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