James Woods Calls for Target Boycott as Company Panics Ahead of Tuck Friendly Bathing Suit Backlash

James Woods recently shared an article about Target, and he added “Boycotts work, folks.”

The article addresses an “emergency” move made by Target to move their “Pride” display away from the storefronts in some areas to avoid a “Bud Light situation”.

Update: it appears Woods deleted the tweet… (this is something he does quite often)


With June right around the corner, Target appears to be jumping into “Pride” month early. After what Fox News called “customer ‘outrage’” some southern stores relocated the “Pride” display away from the front of the store.

The displays this year include “tuck-friendly” bathing suits which allow men to better hide their genitals in what is typically a woman’s swimsuit. The displays also include mugs branded “gender fluid” and rompers and onesies for babies as well as other adult clothing.

With the displays receiving some backlash from conservative customers, Target held a shart call instructing certain stores to move the displays to avoid a “Bud Light” situation.

Bud Light faced backlash after trans activist Dylan Mulvaney shared that she had received a can from Bud Light with her face on it. Conservatives had enough of the pandering and a boycott was initiated after the revelation.

An insider told Fox News about the call, and shared, “The call was super quick, it was 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes was about how to keep your team safe and not having to advocate for Target. The last five was, ‘Move this to the back, take down the mannequins, and remove the signage.”

This news comes in the same month that it was made public that Target has partnered with Abprallen, a company that creates and sells satanic-themed LGBT clothing.

We will see if this call for a boycott gains any traction.

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By Hunter Fielding
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