Steve Scalise Finally Endorses Trump as the One to Beat Biden while DeSantis Campaign Is in Tatters

U.S. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) finally caved and endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race.

Scalise posted to Elon Musk’s X:

“I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2024, and I look forward to working with President Trump and a Republican House and Senate to fight for those families who are struggling under the weight of Biden’s failed policies.”

Fox News commentator and possibly Trump’s biggest fan on that network Leo Terrell posted about it shortly after:

“Smart move @SteveScaliseGOP! Senate Republican Leadership get on board or else!”

Scalise was one of a handful of people who were presented as alternatives for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy was ousted last year.

After a long drawn out battle between different factions of the Republican Party, it was ultimately settled to be Mike Johnson instead, also from Louisiana.

It could be speculated that many Republicans wanted to wait and see how the trials against Donald Trump which many believe to be corrupt political persecution fared, along with the Republican primary.

But since Trump is performing so well in the polls in both the primary and the general election, it’s clear that Americans don’t think the trials will stop Trump from winning the election and many are beginning to fall in line.

There are still some holdouts such as U.S. House Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), who impressed many America First conservatives last year when he stood against U.S. foreign aid spending, but then later let them down by supporting Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump, puzzling some who don’t follow Massie closely to see how much of a flake he can be.

With the election season in full swing almost, Facebook is back to unfairly banning conservatives from their platform for no reason, despite Mark Zuckerberg claiming he wanted to lean towards more free speech. Many may wonder if the Biden Administration is telling them who to ban.

If Trump wins it will be a major win for his supporters too, but the deep state will not stop pushing back, so things could get politically ugly.

By Liam Donovan
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