Joy Behar Freaks Out After Co-Host Predicts Trump Will Win 2024 Election

“The View” on Tuesday became heated when co-host Joy Behar responded angrily to a fellow panelist’s forecast of former President Donald Trump winning the 2024 election.

The panel’s debate, triggered by Trump’s removal off the ballots in Colorado and Maine, resulted in a tense disagreement.

Sara Haines argued the choice to have Trump on the ballot should be left up to the people.

She also explained why removing the former president from election ballots will turn him into a martyr and create “the visual that this was a rigged election.”

“I don’t think the Supreme Court’s going to hold this,” she added. “I think they’re going to overturn it and it won’t just be the originalists. I bet it’s a 9-0 vote… I think they should leave it to the voters.”

The comment enraged co-host Joy Behar, who interjected, “So what are you saying?” as well as “Oh no.”

The Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments over Trump’s involvement in the events leading up to the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. One of the pivotal issues concerns Trump’s appeal of a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that barred him from being on the state’s primary ballot.

The decision is part of a larger attempt to challenge Trump’s eligibility under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits anybody involved in “insurrection or rebellion” from holding federal office.

Out of the 32 states where Trump’s eligibility has been challenged, Colorado and Maine are the only two that have disqualified him from voting. The Supreme Court’s decision in Trump’s Colorado appeal might have a big impact on similar initiatives in other states.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court has been engaged in Trump’s criminal proceedings. Special Counsel Jack Smith has petitioned the Supreme Court to decide on Trump’s contention that he cannot be jailed for attempting to reverse his defeat to President Joe Biden in 2020.

The motion came after a federal judge rejected Trump’s immunity petition, and Smith requested the Supreme Court to rule on the matter even before a lower appeals court did, which is a very uncommon move.

Behar wrote on X after the ruling, “Joe, the ballot box can’t compete with the third party candidates who will take votes from Joe Biden. And let us not forget the electoral college. The law must defeat him.”

Joe Walsh raised concerns about the decision in his initial post. While he felt Trump committed “insurrection,” he pointed out that the former president has not been convicted of a crime, which puts the legality of removing him from the state ballot in serious doubt.

“The best and ONLY way to defeat Trump is at the ballot box, not to kick him off the ballot,” Walsh wrote. “Defeat him at the ballot box. That’s what’s best for the country.”

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Spoken like an actual “democrat,” and not an authoritarian posing as one.

By Melinda Davies
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