Senator Lindsey Graham Claims: ‘Former President Trump Made a Huge Mistake With His Recent Comments About Hezbollah’

On Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham asserted during his appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former President Donald Trump committed a “huge mistake” with his recent remarks concerning Hezbollah and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anchor Kristen Welker asked him: “I have to ask you about some of these recent comments by the GOP front-runner former President Trump praised Hezbollah as ‘very smart.’ The Israel’s communication minister called that language shameful. Do you agree? Is that shameful language?”

Graham replied: “That was a huge mistake. If I was President Trump, I would talk about the strongest president for Israel in modern times.”

“He issued a statement two days ago, I stand with Bibi, and I stand with Israel. He’s on the right track. The Biden administration’s border policies are failing,” he added.

Anchor Kristen Welker said: “He also criticized Netanyahu. A lot of people saw that as a personal attack because Netanyahu has recognized President Biden as the duly elected president.”

Graham agreed: “Yes.”

Welker then asked him: “Do you think that’s appropriate at this moment?”

Graham replied: “No, I thought it was not helpful, and President Trump recognized Israel and Jerusalem as the capital. He recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel. He put in place the Abraham Accords. No, I wouldn’t criticize Bibi.”


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By Hunter Fielding
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