Senator Elizabeth Warren: ‘Republicans Want to Use the Government for Donald Trump and Themselves — They’re in Revenge Fantasy’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stated on Wednesday during MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” that Republicans were in a “revenge fantasy” following former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the New York business document trial.

“This revenge fantasy is truly alarming. I understand that these are people who have taken their oaths of loyalty to Donald Trump, not to the Constitution. Not to the people, but to this one man. They suck up and do whatever it is that he wants them to do,” Warren said.

“Using our court system for retribution is wrong. There is absolutely zero evidence that the 34 felony convictions against Donald Trump had anything to do with political retribution,” she continued.

“And yet the Republicans in this fevered moment have decided that the only way they can explain that their candidate is a convicted felon. Can I say that again? A convicted felon who has said he wants to be dictator on day one,” she said

“That the only way they can explain that is to head off and they are planning to do retribution and somehow they think that will spill backwards into what happened in the courts in New York,” Warren added.

“What these Republicans want is they want to use government for Donald Trump and for themselves and that is truly a threat to our democracy,” she concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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12 days ago

Isn’t that exactly what the Dems are doing? Oh the irony.

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