Ron DeSantis Puts the Blame on Trump: ‘If He Kept Promise to Build the Wall, Biden Couldn’t Have Done as Much Damage’

During an interview with NewsNation, Ron DeSantis, Republican Governor and 2024 presidential candidate, presented his perspective on a critical issue.

DeSantis argued that if his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, had fulfilled his commitment to construct a border wall, the current border situation would be notably different.

According to him, this would have made it significantly harder for President Biden to evade responsibility for the challenges at the border.

DeSantis stated, “It would have been much more difficult for Biden to get away with the damage he’s done on the border.”

His insights were shared in an interview featured on ‘The Hill’ during Wednesday’s broadcast, providing valuable context to DeSantis’s viewpoint.

“I do think, when he’s saying things, like, in Iowa, the other day, that, well, he couldn’t follow his campaign promise to have Mexico build the border — pay for the border wall, because there was, no legal mechanism he could have used to have Mexico pay, so he’s rationalizing that failure. The problem is, that was his main campaign promise. I was at the rallies. It was fun. Everyone was cheering that,” DeSantis said.

“And the second thing is there actually was a way he could have done that. He could have imposed fees — and I will do this as president — you could have imposed fees on the remittances that people send to foreign countries, Mexico included. That would have raised billions of dollars,” he continued.

“I think it’s important because that was his core campaign promise. You look at what Biden’s done with that border. If he had followed through and built the wall, it would have been much more difficult for Biden to get away with what’s happened,” he added.

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By Hunter Fielding
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Al Johnson
Al Johnson
8 months ago

Dumb Desantis. If he is so smart, why didn’t he figure out that If the wall had been finished Biden would have had to tear it down in total or make big openings to open the border.

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