Robert De Niro Gets Cold Reception Online and in Person from MAGA Amid Failed NYC Presser to Trash Trump Ahead of Verdict

Actor Robert DeNiro, who has a history of disliking and saying vile things about President Donald Trump staged a New York presser today.

DeNiro wanted to support Joe Biden’s re-election and trash Donald Trump and felt he would be at home with people of like mind surrounding him. Things did not go according to his plan.

X posts going viral left and right documented what happened:

“ Robert DeNiro’s press conference in New York City on Tuesday morning fell apart after a man raised a problem with Biden’s campaign surrogates. “These low lives for Trump…” DeNiro said. “They lied under oath,” the man said. “They lied under oath. Who lied under oath? What are you telling me?” “Those two traitors behind you…” The man appeared to be referring to former Washington D.C. police officer Michael Fanone and former Capitol police officer Harry Dunn. “They lied under oath.” “That’s right.” “What are you saying?” “They’re traitors.” “They’re traitors? I don’t even know how to deal with you, my friend. I don’t even know how to deal with you.” Embarrassing.”

“DeNiro shilling for Joe Biden in New York at Trumps trial is the most cringe and pathetic thing you’ll watch today..”

“Fox guest rips into Robert DeNiro for his speech outside the courtroom. “That came across as shrill, unhinged, unseenly” “DeNiro, pay attention. You got the facts wrong”

“I’ve always hated Robert DeNiro as an actor. Now I hate him as a person. He’s a COMPLETE ASSHOLE. So glad to see these Trump supporters give him back what he deserves.”

“Robert DeNiro warns that if Donald Trump gets into office again he will end all your freedoms and he will never leave.”

DeNiro is famous for his role in gangster movies such as Casino, A Bronx Tale, and for his role in Pulp Fiction. Although many would consider his non-political acting career as memorable, his off-screen personal opinions of politics continue to upset many who would otherwise be a large chunk of his fan base.

Many feel he can’t control his temper and that he is out of touch with reality. Others think he may have what’s referred to as “Napolean Syndrome”. (You can look that one up for yourself) Earlier we reported:

By Liam Donovan
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