Leo Terrell Calls for Judge to Dismiss ‘Hush Money’ Case: Biden Involvement Is Confirmation It’s a ‘Political Witch Hunt’

The Biden campaign has “sent allies” in what has been called the Biden Press Conference outside the Donald Trump “hush money” trial as it wraps up in New York City.

Robert DeNiro spoke among other Trump haters.

Legal mind Leo Terrell blasted this bias on Fox News and posted to X that the judge needs to dismiss the case, in his view.

“Leo Terrell: Joe Biden commenting on a state case confirms what everyone already knew, this is a political witch hunt, he’s on his knees, hoping for a conviction so he can parlay that into a campaign speech.

“Trump is going to become the next President.”

Many feel like the Biden administration can do no right.

No matter how hard Joe and his allies try, everything they do seems to drive up Donald Trump’s poll numbers for November’s presidential election.

Terrell has been one of the biggest Trump allies on Fox News, even during the primary when many pretenders were shilling for Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley to be the nominee instead.

It’s important in Leo’s eyes that Donald Trump make notes for those who are the most loyal to his campaign, such as Terrell’s fave Laura Loomer, who he often reposts on X.

Many are concerned that if Trump wins again, he will need to be very ruthless in his swamp-draining campaign and very careful who he hires to be in his inner circle.

In our opinion, we would agree with such an assessment.

Time will tell how the trial turns out but most Americans can clearly see this as a political witch hunt that makes our government look like an embarrassment on the world stage.

DA Alvin Bragg and his 34-count indictment will soon have an ending to the story and the world will see it for what it is.

By Liam Donovan
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