Pro-Vax Doctor Blows Whistle, Warns Public of ‘Devastating Side Effects’

A pro-vaccine doctor has had a crisis of conscience and has just gone public to blow the whistle and warn her fellow citizens about the “devastating side effects” of Covid mRNA injections.

The medical professional, who administered thousands of shots to her patients, has decided to alert the public about a “major cover-up” of the side effects, including cancer, cardiac arrest, and sudden death.

Dr. Cornelia Tschanett, who administered approximately 4,000 shots in her practice, experienced a moral dilemma after noting that around ten percent of her patients reported adverse reactions following their vaccinations.

Driven by a disturbing incident where a healthy teenager she vaccinated experienced sudden heart failure, Dr. Tschanett reached a point where she felt unable to “continue to vaccinate here.”

Rather than continuing with vaccinations, she has chosen to share her concerns openly, challenging the prevailing narrative that the Covid mRNA shots are unequivocally “safe and effective,” as asserted by governments and their media allies.

According to Dr. Tschanett, there are thousands of other doctors who have confirmed her observations regarding the vaccine.

However, they are terrified of losing their jobs and careers and being punished by Big Pharma if they dare to speak out about their concerns.

Dr. Tschanett’s story is now part of a recently released documentary titled “UN-SICHTBAR: Der Film Teil 1” (translated as “INVISIBLE: The Film Part 1”).

In the film, she reveals that a staggering 10 percent of the 4,000 patients she treated have reported “problems since the vaccination.”

“There were few side effects, as we saw at the beginning.”

However, Dr. Tschanett reveals that her patients kept returning with side effects long after they received the vaccinations.

“This slowly became more the case over the course of the year,” she continued.

“You may not notice the first cases that much or dismiss it as an isolated case.”

“Towards the end of the year, this increased.

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“Then more and more people came with supposed complaints after the vaccination.

“And then you question your own perception a bit.”

Dr. Tschanett revealed that she and other doctors were afraid to express their concern about the safety of the shots.

The total lack of scientific discourse around the excess deaths and vaccine side effects is the most shocking aspect of this whole story for Dr. Tschanett.

“People report the same complaints, such as cardiac arrhythmias, insane fatigue, persistent muscle pain, and nerve inflammation.

“This then slowly became reproducible.

“And then, of course, you also try to look for scientific discourse.”

“And that was shocking to me that that wasn’t possible.”

Tschanett revealed that when she tried to raise the issue with other doctors and pharmaceutical company officials, she was warned to keep her mouth shut.

“It was actually an absolutely dogmatic and certain and rock-solid statement: ‘This is not from the vaccination.’

“And the more patients came, the greater the inner conflict became for me — and for many doctors who actually want the best for their patients.”

Dr. Tschanett explained that she decided to blow the whistle about what is really happening behind the scenes after a healthy teenage patient became seriously ill following his vaccination.

“The first case was a 16-year-old boy who arrived at us 48 hours after the second dose with nausea and chest pressure,” she recalled.

“I took an EKG, and the EKG was impressively changed — so not normal for a 16-year-old.

“We then sent him to the hospital.

“A massive myocarditis of the heart was diagnosed there.

“Thank God he got well again.”

“But that was the moment when I really stopped.

“Because people come at the same time, mothers with their children, young people,” she continued.

“They have literally said the sentence very often, ‘I don’t know what’s right, I put my life in her hands.’

“And this power of trust induces an enormous responsibility for me personally to be honest.

“It makes no difference whether you have seen this case once or ten times.

“The risk exists; the connection is vacant.”

“Until proven otherwise, we actually have to educate people about what we see and what experiences we have.

“A person has this right if he or she decides to undergo physical intervention.”

Tschanett explains that she experienced enormous pressure from the government and Big Pharma to “vaccinate as many people as possible” with the experimental Covid mRNA injections.

“That was an inner conflict for me because the social pressure to vaccinate as many people as possible and to vaccinate all age groups was very great,” she said.

“And on the other hand, personal experience as a doctor has increased — that this is not possible without side effects.”

“That was the moment when I thought to myself, I can’t continue to vaccinate here.

“I have to stick to the truth; I have to live up to this trust.”

“We must have had 300-400 people who have come to us with the feeling that they have had problems since the vaccination.”


By Hunter Fielding
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2 months ago

This is the tide turning, The Brave ones take the first step, the others have pent us feelings and emboldened they step forward. The Data incriminates the Liars, so they hide the Data, they change the definitions , they erase their statements. The tipping point has been passed and the global wave of outrage is about to break tsunami like upon the CDC, FDA, WHO, UN, All Governments, all Medical Institutions and infrastructure. This road of destruction and decimation of Lives and livelihoods leads back to it’s origin, and they can continue their games but their time has run out. Hopefully they do not start a world war to distract us all from holding them accountable, but culling the globe will not be left unaddressed.

2 months ago

Thanx doc but we’ve been suspicious for almost four years now and the last year has proven – out loud finally – our suspicions to be on target.

Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
2 months ago

Unfortunately they (The Government, The Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Doctors) will likely never receive any trust from me again. While I like my doctor and trust him to a certain extent, I will probably never take any prescriptions from him or anyone else again! Unfortunately when they established themselves (through “Philanthropy”) they conveniently discarded any Traditional Western Medicine we had developed over hundreds of years and replaced it all with chemically produced Patented drugs. The Philanthropy created Colleges and Universities that indoctrinated all our doctors to use these patented medicines. Drug companies are not interested in anything they cannot patent! Of course Bill Gates, the Vaccine Philanthropist has made over $100 Billion dollars using his Philanthropic campaigns. Some Philanthropist!

2 months ago

We need more professionals in the medical community speaking out, people are being lied to, and it’s costing them their lives.

Don Mac
Don Mac
2 months ago

mmm the college of physicians is going to come after you! beware!

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