Legal Scholar Says KJP’s “Breathtaking Mistake” Revealed Potential Impeachable Offense for President Biden

In an Op-Ed for The Messenger, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley revealed what he called a “breathtaking mistake” by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. It was a blunder that might find Joe Biden in hot water.

In response to Hunter Biden’s midday press conference, held strategically on the Senate side of the Capitol, in which Biden announced his intention to defy a House Committee on Oversight subpoena, Jean-Pierre told reporters that the president, “The president was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say.”

Turley believes the comments may prove to be damaging. KJP’s comment, according to Turley, “suggests that the president spoke with his son before his act of contempt and discussed his statement.”

However, this might be an addition to the four charges stated by Turley in congressional testimony and an Op-Ed for The Hill. This episode, in particular, adds another potential charge of obstruction to bribery, conspiracy, and abuse of authority.

Turley explained,  “In addition, President Biden has enlisted White House staff to actively push challenged accounts of his conduct and attack the House Republicans’ investigative process. Such acts could legally bootstrap prior misconduct into his presidency under abuse-of-power allegations.”

“If this latest allegation is true, the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt,” he added. “Hunter was refusing to give testimony focused not on his own role but on his father’s potential role in the alleged influence peddling. The House can pursue evidence on that conversation and how the president may have supported his son’s effort.”

The constitutional scholar added on X, ” If Joe Biden did confer with Hunter on defying Congress, it was a breathtaking mistake. Obstruction is a potential articles of impeachment … Hunter was asked to give testimony on his father’s role in the alleged influence peddling.”

Independent journalist ‘amuse’ added on X, “There is evidence that Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell obstructed Congress by conferring with Hunter regarding his decision to ignore a congressional subpoena to prevent committee lawyers from gathering testimony about his influence peddling.”

When asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy if President Biden was aware that his son would violate the congressional subpoena, Jean-Pierre said, “I don’t have anything else to add.” The President knew what Hunter was going to say today, and look, he’s pleased of his son…how he’s repairing his life. He’s going to concentrate on…the American people. Hunter…is an ordinary citizen…”I’m just not going to get into private conversations,” NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck noted.

Thus, if KJP was accurate in her remarks and Joe Biden did consult with his son about refusing to comply with a legally issued deposition, it would compound the appearance of impropriety with a potential charge of obstruction of justice — an impeachable offense.

By Melinda Davies
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
6 months ago

Nothing will be done about it.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sandra Smith

Most any of these major “players” could murder someone at high noon in the city center and nothing would be done. This political machine has neutered the prosecution machine when it comes to their overt crimes and antics.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
5 months ago
Reply to  Ross

Got that right!

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