NYC Mayor Eric Adams Caves as Blue Cities Overwhelmed with Illegal Immigrants, Demands Biden ‘Control the Border’

Democrat Mayor of New York City Eric Adams called for President Biden to “control the border” as illegal immigrants flood New York City streets.

“We need to control the border. We need to call a state of emergency, and we need to properly fund this national crisis,” Adams told reporters after he was asked about the illegal immigrants outside the Roosevelt Hotel.

“We need help. And it’s not going to get any better. From this moment on it’s downhill. There is no more room. I was at the Roosevelt on Saturday, and I went there on Sunday. They lined up around the block, hurting the businesses there; this is not going to get better. We put buses there for cooling systems, but it is just not sustainable. And I’m just real.”

He added: “We have to localize this madness. We have to figure out a way of how we don’t have what’s in other municipalities where you have tent cities all over the city…I can assure you that this city is not going to look like other cities where there are tents up and down every street.”

See his comments below in the video from the press conference Monday.

At the end of July, Adams shared that the massive influx of illegal immigrants in the city will start being seen visually.

“We stated several months ago that we have reached full capacity and that full capacity was verbalized and now New York is going to be visually actualized. We’re going to see how much of our cup has basically runneth over. We have no more room in this city and we need help”

Viral News NYC Shared on X videos and images of Illegals sleeping on the streets of NYC outside The Roosevelt Hotel which has run out of room:

According to Breitbart, more than 90,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in NYC since the spring of 2022. The massive influx to the city is too much for the Hotels that have been housing them. Now they are sleeping in the streets as Adams stated it is now being “visually actualized”.

It doesn’t appear Biden has any motivation to do anything about the problem that now is right in the face of many sanctuary cities.

By Liam Donovan
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