Former Democrat Rep Turned Republican Says Joe Biden May Have Committed Treason, Demands Immediate Impeachment

U.S. House Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) is hopping mad. Van Drew went on Fox Business and spelled it out in regards to the ongoing Biden scandal:

“He’s using public policy, he’s using the power, and when I say he I mean the president, the power of the United States, and the influence of the United States, to actually help other foreign countries. Whether it be China, or in some cases even Russia, he was meeting with oligarchs, and certainly here with Ukraine.

It’s time for an impeachment inquiry, I don’t want to wait anymore. We have enough, and impeachment inquiry will give us the ability to have a more intense investigation, it gives the investigatory bodies, mainly the judiciary committee that I sit on more power. We’ve waited long enough. At least let’s do the inquiry.

This is a tangled web of lies. And by the way, Hunter Biden should have been registered as a foreign agent, and he wasn’t, with all that he was doing. He broke the law there. And also by the way, it’s funny that Devon Archer, who is going to jail, and Hunter Biden was involved with the same issue, doing the same stuff to native Americans.

So there is a lot there and we can see that it isn’t fair and it’s hurting the country and I think when you talk about treason, I think this is literally rising up to the level of treason. We’ve had enough, I’ve had enough.”

When Rep. Van Drew switched parties and joined the GOP, many weren’t sure if he was the real deal. When he supported Donald Trump, some said he wasn’t really conservative.

It seems he is trying to earn his stripes here and seems to be putting his money where his mouth is. One Democrat Rep. is also already open to impeachment as well and others may soon join.

By Liam Donovan
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9 months ago

INQUIRY! WHAT! Were still just talking Inquiry? These politicks are NEVER going to impeach this SOB.

9 months ago

I’m happy to see the word ‘impeach’ in the so-called ‘news’ – with all the censorship how could we possibly know what was and is, going on these past three years other than speculate. This in itself I think made folks even more suspicious and distrusting. Slow as a snail, but moving…

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