New Poll on ‘Bidenomics’ Shows Even Democrats Believe President’s 2024 Defeat Would Boost the Economy

Despite President Joe Biden leaning heavily into a “Bidenomics” pitch for re-election, more voters think that Biden’s potential loss in 2024 could benefit the economy.

Biden electioneered from the bully pulpit on Wednesday to claim, “America isn’t failing. America is winning.”

He also claimed that “Unemployment is down and so is inflation.”

But while Biden tries to convince Americans of his economic success, even prospective Democratic voters seem to be doubtful about the future.

Surprisingly, Democrats appear divided on whether supporting Biden or considering their financial interests is more important. A recent survey by Rasmussen Reports revealed that 48% of probable voters felt the economy might see a boost if Biden were defeated.

Meanwhile, 34% believed it would negatively impact the economy, and 18% were unsure or believed it wouldn’t make a difference.

Interestingly, among Democrats, while 42% believed that a Biden defeat could be detrimental to their finances, 38% thought it would be beneficial. This indicates growing dissatisfaction among Democrats towards Biden.

In Rasmussen’s ongoing daily poll, when participants were asked about their perception of the Biden-led economy, the feedback was:

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  • 47% rated it as Poor
  • 16% considered it Fair
  • 23% found it Good
  • 12% thought it was Excellent

Comparatively, during a similar phase in President Donald Trump’s term (prior to the COVID-19 outbreak), a majority, or 58%, felt the economy was performing well.

Yet, back then, 44% believed that not re-electing Trump would favor the economy, slightly outnumbering the 39% who felt otherwise. This sentiment was largely influenced by Democrats’ unfavorable view of Trump.

In contrast to August 2019, Republicans predominantly believed at the time that a Trump defeat would harm the economy at a clip of 58% supporting the view to 28% against it.

By Melinda Davies
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