NEW BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE REVEALS: The Biden Administration Is Funding Both Sides of Israel-Hamas War

On Tuesday’s episode of “Mornings with Maria” on FBN, Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) delved into his recent op-ed on Fox News where he argued that the Biden administration was funding both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Per evidence obtained by the Tennessee Republican U.S. Senator, Hamas is utilizing humanitarian aid provided by the United States to finance its war efforts.

“So you have an op-ed, a new op-ed on, titled ‘Biden funding both sides of Israel-Hamas war,” host Maria Bartiromo said. “Tell us about it.”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious, Maria,” Hagerty answered.

“You’ve got the Biden administration that is saying one thing and yet doing another. It’s fairly typical for their foreign policy. What the Biden administration is doing and has continued to do is send “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians, including into Gaza,” he added.

“When I was over right after the 11-day war in May of 2021, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his staff briefed me on what Hamas leadership was doing with those funds,” Hagerty revealed.

“They take the funds. They called them “taxation.” They take the funds. They take any produce that comes in, even take pipes and infrastructure and turn those into bombs, and weapons and rockets that they use to launch right back into Israel,” he said.

“We’re funding both sides of the war. I had Secretary Blinken in front of me just a few weeks ago, and I asked him point blank, can you assure me that the humanitarian aid that we sent to Hamas has not been used as weapons to come back to Israel? He couldn’t do that. So we’re funding both sides of that, we’re the same way we’re doing in Ukraine,” Hagerty concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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