NBC Hosts Visibly STUNNED After Biden Gets The Bad News

Steve Kornacki from NBC and Kristen Welker, the host of Meet the Press, have both reacted to a recent poll that highlights potential challenges for President Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

“We talk about the erosion for Biden, and now you start to see it. Look at these numbers,” Kornacki said.

Former President Donald Trump was preferred over Joe Biden on various important characteristics and topics, including managing inflation and the economy.

In a survey, 52 percent of participants selected Trump, while only 40 percent chose Biden, indicating a significant 22-point shift in favor of Trump.

Additionally, Trump received positive ratings when it came to mental and physical health.

Forty-five percent of respondents showed greater trust in Trump’s cognitive capabilities compared to Biden, who only garnered support from 20 percent of participants.

Respondents were asked which candidate was the most “competent and effective,” 47 percent of respondents selected Trump, while 36 percent selected Biden.

“And we actually polled this question in 2020, and it was basically the exact opposite. It was Biden with about a 10-point advantage over Trump,” Kornacki noted, eliciting a “Wow!” from Welker.

“And again, same with handling a crisis. Biden had the edge over Trump.

“And how about this? It’s the former president, the current president.

“We don’t really see matchups like this. Well, now we can measure it,” Kornacki continued.

Respondents gave similar answers when asked who had the better record.

“And again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And again, you’ve got to mention this one too.

“Necessary mental and physical health.

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“We asked this four years ago. It was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden,” Kornacki told viewers.

“So these are all troubling numbers for Biden.”

“Biden stopped at a gas station this week to order food in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upon entering, few flocked to interact with him,” the report said.

“Most patrons stood by, did not hold out their hands, and watched the president walk past.”

“Biden tried to speak with a girl when he entered the station, but after receiving little interaction, he slowly marched on while cameras followed and onlookers pressed themselves up against the wall.

“Biden posed for a few photos before he walked to the door,” it said.

Trump’s popularity is readily apparent, and was just captured on video while visiting a bodega in Harlem:

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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25 days ago

Why would he be stunned if the election is going to be rigged?

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