INTERNAL ATTACK ON AMERICA: Massive Fire at Washington Cold Storage Facility

A devastating fire at Lineage Logistics, a cold storage facility, has sparked widespread fear and forced evacuations in parts of Finley, Washington.

The fire, which broke out early Sunday morning, is unleashing dense, black smoke containing potentially dangerous chemicals because of the materials stored at the location.

The massive fire tore through the 525,000-square-foot warehouse on Sunday, burning out of control.

The building has suffered extensive damage, with sections collapsing, raising concerns about the fire spreading even more.

The fire’s intensification, fueled by powerful winds, has caused embers to spread, sparking brush fires and putting residential neighborhoods at risk.


The fire originated around 5:15 a.m. at the facility.

Following an alarm and the activation of the sprinkler system, all workers were swiftly evacuated, preventing any injuries.

The warehouse, stocked with frozen vegetables on plastic pallets and surrounded by hundreds of wooden pallets, posed a considerable challenge for firefighters.

Jenna Kochenauer, spokesperson for Benton Fire District 1, used social media updates to outline the fire’s advance, emphasizing the challenges firefighters encountered as the flames spread to the roof, resulting in extensive damage to half of the facility.

The reason behind the fire is still unknown, and investigations are expected to start once the situation is brought under control.

“After spending about 8 hours working offensively to put out the fire at Lineage Logistics, we have switched to defensive operations,” Benton Fire District wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

In reaction to the emergency, authorities set up an evacuation zone, and the American Red Cross promptly established a shelter for displaced residents.

While the evacuation order was lifted around 6 p.m. on Sunday, renewed advisories have been issued due to concerns about air quality from toxic smoke, as reported by the Tri-City Herald.

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According to the Red Cross, 65 individuals from 25 homes were ordered to evacuate.

Benton County Emergency Services has reopened the Red Cross shelter at 7202 West Deschutes Avenue in Kennewick for individuals affected by the smoke, citing concerns about the negative effects on air quality, as reported by Apple Valley News Now.

Authorities are advising residents to remain indoors and refrain from using ventilation systems that bring in outside air.

Residents with respiratory problems, especially those living south of Game Farm Road to Chemical Drive, were instructed to stay indoors and take shelter.

“Alright, who burned the popcorn in the microwave this time?!? Anyone else seeing all this smoke? We are getting a lot of calls about it,” Pasco Police wrote.

“It turns out, the phrase ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’, isn’t always correct.

“This smoke isn’t from Pasco.

“Because of all the calls, we have used our drone technology and infrared cameras to check for fire and we didn’t find one in Pasco.

“We think it’s from a large blaze in Finley yesterday.

“Please take precautions if you are sensitive to low air quality and limit outdoor activity until this blows over.”


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By Hunter Fielding
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