NAACP Official Ties Trump to Jacksonville Shooting: ‘We See the Trump Signs’ That Stand for ‘Hatred’

On Monday, the Jacksonville, Florida NAACP’s president asserted that banners endorsing former President Donald Trump incited racial “hatred” and may be tied to the racially motivated Dollar General shooting.

He urged the Justice Department to take action.

“I spoke with my colleague, Juliette Kayyem,” Rahel Solomon said.

“She used to be an official with the Department of Homeland Security, and she told me that Jacksonville specifically is a breeding ground of neo-nazim, that they have been tracking this and seeing this.

“I mean, what can you tell me and tell us about the climate there in Jacksonville with these hate groups?”

“I think the federal government and the Justice Department are going to have to do a better job and exercising exactly where these hate groups exist, Isaiah Rumlin replied.

“I mean, we see these confederate signs. We see the Trump signs constantly on our streets, and we know from that standpoint that there’s hatred and we just going to have to deal with it some kind of way.

“And the Justice Department need to be right here today looking into it.”

An armed individual wielding rifles with racist messages on them killed three people before taking his own life in a Dollar General store on Saturday.

The assailant had earlier attempted to enter a library at a nearby college but was denied entry by security personnel.

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The NAACP in Florida is no stranger to issuing partisan statements attacking Republicans.

On May 22, the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida, pointing to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ opposition to an Advanced Placement course said to include elements of Critical Race Theory and “queer theory.”

By Melinda Davies
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D Bunk
D Bunk
10 months ago

She’s full of sh*t! Typical remarks from a Trump hater.

10 months ago

Seeing a sign doesn’t encourage hatred – that comes from within – this is like blaming the gun for a shooting. Idiotic at best. Racists blaming other racists – that’s as inept as it gets.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

10 months ago

What this article shows, is the ‘Black NAACP who STILL keeps it’s Own People held hostage to PUSH that Hate/Racist Agenda then blaming it on POTUS TRUMP, who did MORE FOR BLACKS, JUST AS HE PROMISED AND KEPT HIS PROMISES; too bad that Obama NEVER elevated the Blacks, Except for “Using them to start HIS RACE WARS, to Divide ALL of America, and KEEP THAT Hatred going….Just like the Obama’s Racism against ‘Arrogant(White) America, as he called our Republic!’

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