[MUST-WATCH] BOMBSHELL REVELATION: Latest Bank Records Show Up To $30 Million in Illegal Payments Made to Biden Crime Family

On Thursday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer Oversight Committee said he will uncover $20-$30 million in illegal payments directed towards the Biden family.

“If this is all true about a sitting president – when he was vice president – influence peddling, accepting money from foreign nationals so that he could turn around and make changes in policy for America so he could pocket the money. If that’s true, why isn’t he impeached already?” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo wondered.

“And if it’s true that the FBI is doing nothing about it, why isn’t FBI Director Christopher Wray on his heels as well?” she asked.

Comer described the FBI as “an organization in disarray.”

“This is going to be hard for Biden to explain, this is not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media is going to start asking the real questions,” he said.

Bartiromo asked him again, “What number are you up to now? How much have you identified of the money he’s [Biden] taken in from foreign nationals?”

Comer replied, “We have more bank records coming in but we’re gonna exceed $10 million this week but I think we’ll get up to $20-$30 million.”


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By Hunter Fielding
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