MSNBC: It’s ‘Game Over’ for Fani Willis and Nathan Wade

“Right? Don’t let the legalese fool you,” MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi explained.

“This is epic. This is monumental.

“If things are going in the direction, we think Fani Willis lied to the court, it’s game over for her.

“She will be disqualified if they had a relationship prior to when they represented to the court. It’s a huge deal. I can’t overstate it.”

Polisi also remarked that Fani Willis’ case against Donald Trump and his associates appears to be “dead in the water.”

Her remarks comes after bombshell testimony that shows that Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade lied to the court about when their affair began.

“This has been a bombshell, and it has been a slow burn, but if you parse the language, huge, huge issues here,” Polisi said.

“And let me be very clear: this is not about a relationship between two consenting people.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with that. It’s about lying to the court; it’s about potential financial advantage for Fani Willis…

“The problem is that her credibility is shattered…If she lied to the court and presented something she knew to be untrue and inaccurate, what else is she lying about?

“It’s a terrible, horrible appearance on her.

“I believe this case is lost.”

Wade stated that he paid for multiple luxurious holidays with his business credit card and was later reimbursed in cash by Fani Willis.

Wade said that he and Willis paid for the vacations about evenly, but he only supplied a receipt to prove it.

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If he was reimbursed in cash, there would be no extra receipts indicating that the two shared the vacation expenses rather than Wade, who was recruited by Willis and paid a high salary, being the single purchaser.

Making matters worse for the couple is testimony from Willis’ “good friend” who claims the relationship with Wade began earlier than both had acknowledged in court.

Robin Yeartie, who previously worked in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, testified in court that she had little doubt that Willis and Wade were in a love relationship beginning in 2019, despite Willis’ claims that they were merely acquaintances at the time.

“You have no doubt that their romantic relationship was in effect from 2019 until the last time you spoke with her?” said lawyer Ashleigh Merchant. Yeartie replied, “No doubt.”

Yeartie’s testimony is bad news for Willis, who might face penalties for lying in court and get disqualified from the complaint she filed against President Trump.

In the lengthy letter given to the court last month, Willis admitted to having a personal relationship with Wade, which she claimed began in 2022, but maintained that the charges against her are “meritless” and “salacious.”

She stated there was no romantic relationship in 2019, yet Nathan Wade filed for divorce the day after being hired as a special prosecutor in Willis’ office.

She went on to argue that the judge should reject any attempt by Trump or the other co-defendants to have her removed from the case, and that there was no proof that her relationship with Wade had an impact on her job.

That defense is moot, however.

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade are, as one legal analyst put, “toast.”

By Melinda Davies
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