Leo Terrell Drops Hammer on ‘Out of Control’ Fani Willis: ‘She Needs to Be Sanctioned’

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has delivered a brutal synopsis of testimony given by Fulton County’s anti-Trump District Attorney Fani Willis.

Willis testified in a hearing on Thursday where she could potentially be disqualified from attempting to prosecute President Donald Trump.

In a post on X, Terrell declared, while Willis was on the stand:

“Fani Willis is testifying emotionally.

“She is a bad witness for herself.

“Basically she is out of control.”

That set off a series of tweets from Terrell as he watched the testimony from Willis, which included a warning from the judge that she needed to answer the questions directly.

“Fani Willis is out of control,” Terrell stated in multiple tweets.

Terrell declared in another tweet, “Fani Willis is an egomaniac! Fani Willis is giving speeches from the witness box! She needs to be sanctioned!”

“Fani Willis is a national embarrassment,” Terrell stated and wondered:

“Did you hear the comment she made about Nathan Wade being a BLACK MAN?”

Terrell then said that he believed the judge had lost control of the courtroom before adding, “Fani Willis needs a mental evaluation. She needs counseling!”

The questioning ultimately has ended for the day and will resume on Friday at 9 a.m. with Willis retaking the stand.

By Liam Donovan
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