MSNBC Broadcasts Interview With Hezbollah Member Who Says, ‘We Have Thousands of Martyrs Prepared to Sacrifice Against Israel’

On Wednesday, a Lebanese imam associated with Hezbollah informed MSNBC’s Matt Bradley that Lebanon had thousands of “martyrs” ready to support Hamas and “sacrifice themselves against Israel.”

MSNBC’s Matt Bradley spoke Arabic with the imam then translated.

“He said he doesn’t wait for a signal from anyone. But when I asked if the Lebanese people feared a war, he said no. Telling me Lebanon has hundreds, even thousands of martyrs prepared to sacrifice themselves against Israel,” Bradley said.

“And that’s the exact reason that there’s so much anxiety both here in Lebanon and across the border behind me in Israel. Because if Hezbollah does decide to enter the war, it would be a game changer,” he continued.

“Hezbollah is so much more powerful than Hamas because it has partial governance over the entire country of Lebanon. It enjoys so much more support from Iran and other actors in the Middle East, and its people have freedom of movement, they can leave the country, they can come and go, unlike Hamas, which is stuck inside that blockaded enclave on the Mediterranean coast,” he explained.

“They have real weapons, real training, and they are bloodied in the fight in Syria for much of the past decade, fighting against Islamists, Sunni Islamists, there,” he added.

“So, they are an experienced, organized group organized militant group that really more resembles an army, and that’s why the U.S. and Israel, they are so concerned that Hezbollah could possibly weigh in, even as they plan what could be a major ground incursion into the Gaza Strip,” Bradley said.


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By Hunter Fielding
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John Acord
John Acord
8 months ago

It’s estimated the Obiden Junta is responsible for the funding of Iran’s terror machine to the tune of $60 billion in the past 30 months allowing Iran to fully fund pds will be killed and maimed by our own weapons. and arm its allies such as Hamas and Hezbollah. In addition they left behind in the hands of the Taliban billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry. Billions of the aid sent to Ukraine has been diverted as well. Israelis and our trooI doubt if the $6 Billion will be stopped by the Obiden Junta. I’ll tell you why. It’s a payment toward once again stealing the 2024 elections and staying in power. The only way the organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party can retain power is through massive election fraud, and the easiest, simplest method is the mail-in voting machine they developed for the 2020 election. This requires  another shutdown, another panic, another reason to compel mail-in voting. Instead of a fake pandemic, they will start a war. Among the millions of illegals are tens of thousands of military age young men from the Middle East. They are Hamas, Hezbullas, Isis, Taliban fighters. They will be armed by groups associated with BLM and ANTIFA, and communists that have been placed throughout  US military and law enforcement, and released on US targets creating a massive destruction panic. Attacks will be carried out in nightclubs, concerts, sports events, schools, churches and synagogues,  malls, grocery stores, and a myriad number of targets of opportunity. They will be designed to sow indescribable destruction, horror and panic. The responsiveness will be massive. Public gatherings will be banned and once again mail-in voting will be demanded as a “national security measure: the War Powers Act invoked, massive censorship, and a whole host of incredible powers the crime syndicate can release. We all know all too well they control the voting process in critical areas, a process the crime syndicate totally controls. Their army of mainly black women women guided by BKLM and ANTIFA activists will create whatever number of ballots required for whomever is the Democratic nominee and they will demand that any challenge is a terroristic threat and it will be shut down. That, folks, is the plan. Now that you know it, what are you going to do =about it.what can you do about it? ,

8 months ago

Prove he is Hamas, also prove that is a live interview!
Sure looks like a green screen & CGI to me!!

We are on to your LIES.

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