Hollywood Star Randy Quaid Backs Trump, Tells Americans to Ignore ‘Fake’ Indictment and Pay Attention to Biden Scandal

Conservative Hollywood star Randy Quaid is coming out swinging in full force for President Donald J. Trump.

As the leftist globalist Democrat-corporate-media complex cabal continues to cower in fear over the possibility of the best president the best country in the world has ever had coming back to power, it seems they will do anything to stop him.

Special Counsel Jack Smith, who himself has been exposed as a leftist Obama ally, is seemingly trying to put Trump in jail for as long as possible.

The “boxes hoax” as Trump calls it, is the latest in a years-long series of what appears to be nonstop political persecution of a populist Republican leader the nation has ever seen.

Independence Day legend Quaid is hitting back, using his bully pulpit to push the view he takes on the entire situation. Just take a look at a handful of his tweets:

“Stop talking about the fake Trump indictment and get back to the very real Biden bribery scandal.

“The indictment is big news, Biden & his family committing bribery and extortion is the HUGE story.”

It’s clear that Smith wants Trump to either be found guilty, drop out of the presidential race, or both, before the official election kicks off.

If Trump were to win, it would be harder to make any charges stick, as he could potentially pardon himself and anyone else close to him that the Democrats have gone after.

Trump has plenty of money for the best attorneys, the court of public opinion on his side in our view, and Judge Aileen Cannon who he appointed connected to the trial in Florida, where he will hopefully get a jury that laughs at the charges and finds him immediately innocent.

Although it’s unlikely Trump will back down anytime soon, the government should not be abusing its power like this is our view, and Quaid seemingly agrees with us.

Time will tell how everything ultimately pans out.

By Hunter Fielding
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