Trump Meets Fans at Georgia Waffle House, Shows No Signs of Stress from Apparent Political Persecution

President Donald Trump visited Columbus Georgia today and spoke to Republicans.

While in Georgia, Trump stopped at Waffle House to dine with the “common folk” as he so often does.

In videos that surfaced on Twitter, the 2024 presidential candidate can be seen in a great mood joking around with fans and giving out signatures.

In a sign of stunning defiance, the man with a backbone of iron does not seem bothered one bit by the federal “boxes hoax” indictment that many feel is being done to get him not to run for president.

Lots of Americans also are worried that the country is becoming the laughingstock of the world for the perceived political persecution of a presidential candidate.

In the video, a Medal of Honor “artist” seems thrilled to meet Trump, and he jokes around about wondering if the starstruck woman may be able to make a portrait of Trump to make him look as good as the one he is signing for her.

After that, he meets a young man and his mother who are overjoyed at the opportunity to meet President Trump as well.

If someone saw him at Waffle House and observed his demeanor, they may not even know how much drama the Democrats are causing him.

“This is President Trump in his element. Just hanging with the people at a Waffle House on a Saturday afternoon.”

It appears the Trump 2024 campaign will go on unabated for the time being.

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By Hunter Fielding
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