More Than 15 People Injured After Shooting at Michigan Street Party, 2 Killed

In Saginaw, Michigan, a tragedy struck in the early hours of Saturday morning as a shooting at a street party claimed the lives of two individuals and left 15 others wounded.

As per reports, 12 people were shot and 3 people were hit by cars after a fight erupted at a social media-promoted party at the intersection of 4th and Johnson.

No arrests have been made.

As reported by WNEM:

Multiple agencies are investigating a crime scene in Saginaw after several people were injured.

The investigation started early morning Saturday, June 24, at the intersection of 4th and Johnson. Saginaw Police and Michigan State Police arrived on the scene around midnight.

According to MSP, after shots were fired among the 300-plus partygoers, several were shot or struck by cars.

MSP said 15 people were injured between being shot or struck by a car, three people were struck by a car and 12 were struck by gunfire.

MSP reported two deaths at the scene one a 19-year-old male and a 51-year-old female.

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Police also reported that there were multiple shooters and five different calibers of bullets recovered at the scene.

MSP said no one is in custody at this time.

Attendees at the party were seen twerking and dancing before the gunfire broke out.


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By Hunter Fielding
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