Greg Gutfeld Responds to Ice Cube Calling Out Hypocritical Elites, Invites Him on His Show for a Bigger Audience

Rapper Ice Cube recently spoke out against a club of elite hypocrites that exist for their own interests in the view of many.

“Some of you may not have realized, I’m not part of the club. A lot of you listening to me right now, you’re not part of the club either.

What I’ve realized with “The Club” is what makes them so mad is when you don’t wanna be part of their f*cking club. That pisses them off.

What club am I talking about? I’m talking about the club of gatekeepers that we all got to deal with.

You know who they are & they definitely know who they are….

“Ever since the Contract for Black America, they’ve been F*cking with me..”

So what am I gonna do to deal with these motherf*cking gatekeepers?

Well, what I’m gonna do is go on a Fu*k the Gatekeepers Podcast Tour. And I’m gonna talk to EVERYBODY.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took notice.

“You’re welcome on my show any time you want. You have the floor.”

Ice Cube has a tricky history as far as politics go. He tends to lean more rightward than most celebrities. However, Cube previously denied being a Donald Trump supporter a few years ago. He seems to not be a major supporter of any candidate or party in particular.

Many people are boycotting Fox News since they fired Tucker Carlson. To make matters worse, they’re threatening to sue him for his Twitter videos.

However, some think Gutfeld may be a Carlson supporter and is possibly the last best option for Fox News viewing. There was been some drama though, between Gutfeld and a Carlson ally and book author Chadwick Moore.

It’s hard to say for sure what the future looks like for Gutfeld, Fox News and if Ice Cube will appear on an episode of “Gutfeld!”.

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By Liam Donovan
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