Meghan McCain Loses Her Marbles, Responds to Olive Branch from Kari Lake by Raging Out on X, ‘NO PEACE, B*TCH!’

Former prominent newscaster Kari Lake is having a real one with Meghan McCain on Twitter/X today. Lake, a major Donald Trump ally, former Republican gubernatorial nominee for Arizona, and U.S. Senate candidate, has attempted to reach out to politically divisive Meghan McCain.

Lake is clearly trying to make amends with the McCain family to see if she can gain support from a wing of the GOP that is not a fan of Trump world.

This act alone was and is a steep ask, to begin with. While Lake probably knew McCain would not react favorably, this action may be a political power play nonetheless. Lake started the brouhaha with a long-winded X in response to a previous X post where McCain also called her a “bitch”: (typos not corrected)

“Hi Meghan, As mothers, (both with two kiddos) I’m know we both agree that our children’s future is too important to let it slip away over past grudges or hurt feelings. That’s why I’m working hard to unite Republicans, Independents, Democrats — ALL Americans. We are facing huge challenges and it’s going to take ‘all hands on deck’ to pull things back from the brink. My dad passed away from cancer, too. I trust and believe that if our fathers were still with us they would do everything they could to save this Republic. Our movement to save Arizona & America is growing, and it’s Mama Bears like us who are leading the charge — ALL Moms want the same thing: to leave our children a better America than the one we had. It’s as simple as that. I want to make Senator McCain and Larry Lake proud. I value you. I value your family and I value the passion you have for our state. I’d love nothing more than to buy you a beer, a coffee or lunch and pick your brain about how we can work together to strengthen our state. My team is sending you my contact info — if you’re willing to meet, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you, Meghan. I hope we can connect soon! God bless.”

This time McCain responded with the same foul, vile, vulgar, filth of a remark but in all capital letters:


Media Right News (us) posted:

“Breaking: Meghan McCain has gone full crazy and called Kari Lake a bit**! As crazy as Meghan is, Kari may have made a mistake trying to make peace with such a nasty person.”

Trump supporter Brenden Dilley posted:

“Meghan McCain is a classless piece of shit, just like her filthy tramp, mother and her currently rotting in hell, traitor father.”

The McCain family has a dramatic past with Meghan, Lake, and Trump.

A Rocky Road: McCain, Lake, and the Conservative Divide

From a right-leaning perspective, the relationship between Meghan McCain, Kari Lake, and Donald Trump’s world is marked by contrasting narratives and conflicting loyalties.

For many conservatives, John McCain was a respected figure, despite his occasional clashes with the Republican establishment. Meghan, his daughter, embodies this legacy in her own mind and fiercely defends her father’s memory. However, Trump supporters often paint John McCain as a “sellout” who strayed from traditional conservative values, creating a rift between Meghan and Trump’s base.

Kari Lake entered the scene as a conservative media personality who embraced Trump’s policies and rhetoric. Her criticism of John McCain’s “establishment Republicanism” resonated with Trump voters, viewing her as a refreshing outsider. This naturally put her at odds with Meghan, who saw Lake’s attacks as disrespectful to her father’s legacy.

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Trump’s own rivalry with John McCain added fuel to the fire. While some conservatives might find his continued criticism of the deceased senator distasteful, others view it as holding a politician accountable for their perceived failures. This aligns with their view of Meghan as overly defensive and unwilling to engage in honest critiques.

Ultimately, the McCain-Lake-Trump feud reflects a deeper division within the conservative movement. One side prioritizes loyalty to traditional Republicans and their ideals, embodied by John McCain. The other side emphasizes loyalty to Trump and his populist agenda, which Lake represents.

As Meghan navigates her post-“View” life and Lake potentially pursues higher office, their paths may continue to cross. Whether they find common ground or further entrench their opposing narratives remains to be seen. Regardless, their ongoing saga highlights the complex dynamics within the American right, where personal history and political loyalty constantly interact in a constantly evolving political landscape.

By Liam Donovan
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