Elon Musk Thinks it’s ‘Crazy’ That NYC Councilmember Has to Call for an Investigation into Mayor Adams’s Plan to Give up to $10,000 Debit Cards Out to Illegal Immigrants

New York City Mayor Democrat Eric Adams is going forward with a pilot program to give out goodies to certain illegal immigrants in New York City. This plan includes debit cards for some people living in hotels.

Although many headlines say that immigrants are getting $10,000 each, our research shows that the cards only hold up to that amount. CBS News reports that A family of four can get about $1,000 — $35 dollars a day — and they can buy whatever food they want to eat.

At least one city council member is wondering if the total costs of this program are too much and if there is any possible froth or worse in the bloated contract planned. Gale Brewer isn’t actually protesting giving money to the immigrants outright.

CBS also reported: “I think you should bid it out to see who would do the best job at the best cost for taxpayers,” Councilmember Gale Brewer said.

The mayor’s office claims that somehow giving money to illegal immigrants will save the city millions of dollars. I’m not sure who did the mental gymnastics math on that one, but whatever floats their boat I suppose.

Elon Musk quote tweeted “TaraBull” who said:

“BREAKING: City Council calls for an INVESTIGATION of Mayor Adams plan to give illegals $10,000 Debit Cards. The $53 million contract would give, Mobility Capital Finance, who the NY Mayor touts as ‘Minority Owned’ lots of fees for services, including: – $125,000 one-time set-up fee, – $250,000 in annual management fees – $1.5 million for the first $50 million handed out – $2.5 million for the next $100 million. No ID check required, No Fraud control and No Restrictions. Councilmember Gale Brewer wants to investigate the Mayors connection to the firm and why the city issued a $53 million no-bid contract without seeing if it could get a better deal. According to the contract, the most a card can have is $10,000, but cards will be refilled EVERY FOUR WEEKS. The mayor insisted that part of the allure of the company was that it was a minority-owned firm. “WMBs — you know, women- and minority-owned businesses — have historically been locked out, so I know I’m disrupting what people traditionally would like for us to do,” Adams said. The mayor, who has a penchant for surrounding himself with friends and acquaintances, INSISTS he has no personal relationship with the owner of the company. He said, “We don’t hang out in the Hamptons together or go to baseball games together.” Who else thinks this needs an investigation ASAP?”

Musk simply said “Crazy” but with his audience size, sometimes that can be enough to send liberals into a fury.

While the Biden administration continues to lie about the border being secure despite record numbers of illegal immigrants coming over daily, blue cities continue to lie about being sanctuary cities while complaining about migrants being bussed into their spaces daily and taking up all the resources.

Many on the right believe Democrats are trying to simply shore up their voter base, something they do often, but in a bolder fashion now, because Biden is doing so poorly at the polls. While illegal immigrants are not supposed to be allowed to vote in federal elections, many localities have allowed them to participate and their children will be able to vote if they don’t get citizenship themselves.

There’s also the question of the changing culture, possible crime and environmental disasters, and limited resources and jobs the nation has already, but with politics, anything goes when the left needs to stay in power it seems.

By Liam Donovan
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