Mary Trump Claims President Donald Trump Suffers From ‘Untreated Psychiatric Disorders’

Mary Trump, the estranged niece of former President Donald Trump, asserted on Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that her uncle suffers from “untreated psychiatric disorders.”

“This is a person who has untreated psychiatric disorders. And any untreated disorder of any kind of worsens over time, as long as it remains untreated,” Mary Trump said.

“So, it makes perfect sense that somebody who is as unhealthy as he is, who is under the extraordinary amount of stress he is under, would have a harder time holding it together cognitively,” she added.

“Donald was always quite good when he was younger at sticking to a point. And he knew certain things about his business so, he could say perfectly reasonable statements with confidence,” she said.

“And let’s be fair, he was very good at being in the media. And that is one of the main reasons my grandfather chose him to be his successor because he had that kind of presence,” Mary continued.

“What is so fascinating about this chapter in his life is that he has finally reached the end of the road. When he was taking over for my grandfather, or when he was my grandfather’s successor, and one who is going to fill my grandfather’s ambitions, he did not need skill,” Mary claimed.

“He needed skill as a real estate developer. He just needed the skill as the arrogant, self-confident, brash guy who played well on television. My grandfather always had hundreds of millions of dollars to prop him up,” she added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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