Illegal Alien Spotted Wearing Biden-Harris 2020 T-Shirt, Claims ‘I Have It on So They Can Let Me In’

A illegal from Honduras unlawfully entered Eagle Pass, Texas, while wearing a Biden-Harris 2020 shirt.

The illegal, who entered the border under Joe Biden’s open border policies, informed Fox News that he’s wearing the shirt “so they can let me in.”

“It’s the president and vice president of the United States! I have it on so they can let me in,” the illegal alien from Honduras shouted.


Biden facilitated an unprecedented border invasion by implementing 94 executive actions during his initial 100 days in office, which weakened border security measures.

Since that time, millions of men of military age from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and China have entered the United States without authorization.

Recently, illegals informed a Fox News reporter that they believe Joe Biden is the most favorable candidate regarding immigration policies.

“Who is best for illegal immigration — Donald Trump or Joe Biden?” Rachel Campos-Duffy asked a group of illegals in Arizona last month.

“Joe Biden,” the illegals answered.


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By Hunter Fielding
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