Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Accused of ‘Misleading the Court’ in Trump ‘Hush Money’ Case

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s paralegal admitted in court on Friday that the office deleted some call records between witness Michael Cohen and Dylan Howard, the lawyer for adult film actress Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford), raising questions of whether or not the prosecutors have misled the court.

Trump’s legal team was able to get witness Jaden Jarmel-Schneider to confirm that some calls were erased from an exhibit of calls. Trump’s lawyer Emil Bove said it was about three pages of records.

While Jarmel-Schneider objected to Bove characterizing the call deletions as “significant,” he did acknowledge some calls were removed.

In an attempt to challenge some of the evidence presented in President Trump’s business records falsification trial in Manhattan, Trump attorney Emil Bove questioned paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider in court on May 10 about approximately three pages of records that the attorney claimed Mr. Bragg’s office deleted.

Jarmel-Schneider confirmed some phone records from 2018 between Cohen and Keith Davidson (Ms. Clifford’s lawyer) had been deleted, as well as some records of conversations between Ms. Clifford’s manager Gina Rodriguez and then-National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard about Ms. Clifford’s claim that she had an affair with President Trump.

Trump’s attorney Emil Bove said that the deletions were “significant,” although Jarmel-Schneider disputed that assessment.

Prosecutors have filed the phone records as evidence to support their allegation that the alleged affair — which President Trump has denied — took place and that the former president fabricated business documents to conceal payments allegedly made to Clifford in exchange for her silence.

President Trump has denied any wrongdoing and claims the case is a politically motivated attempt to derail his 2024 presidential campaign.

The Manhattan court development is significant because it means that the incomplete records submitted earlier to the court were arguably misleading.

This is also relevant in that Trump’s prosecutors in the January 6 case have accused him of “obstruction of an official proceeding” while arguably committing the crime.

The law states: ‘Whoever corruptly … otherwise obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.’

This 1512c(2) law directly pertains to court cases and not to political protesting, which is a matter of contention that is currently before the Supreme Court.

In the classified documents case in southern Florida, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith and his lawyer Jay Bratt have been similarly accused of breaking the law.

The FBI, according to documents, appears to have framed the infamous Mar-a-Lago classified documents photo with custom ‘Top Secret’ cover sheets.

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It appears Smith misled the court about the photos when they were initially submitted into evidence.

Then there is the matter of political collusion to commit election interference, which is a criminal conspiracy that could fall under racketeering laws.

The Biden administration is now under investigation for election interference based on new evidence of illegal coordination between the Dept. of Justice and Trump prosecutors by Missouri attorney general Andrew Bailey.

“I am demanding the DOJ turn over communications relating to the illicit prosecutions of President Trump,” Bailey announced.

“This includes communications between the DOJ and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, New York AG Leticia James, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis.”

“Thanks to evidence that has come to light, my office has reason to believe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is the headquarters of the illicit prosecutions against President Trump,” he added.

There is evidence D. A. Alvin Bragg and D.A. Fani Willis, in addition to Special Counsel Jack Smith in both the classified documents case and the J6 case, have “selectively and vindictively” prosecuted cases against former President Donald Trump.

By Melinda Davies
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Sandra Smith
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