Maddow Loses It During Trump’s Victory Speech, Cuts Away to Give Angry ‘Fact Check’

Both CNN and MSNBC abruptly cut away from President Donald Trump’s victory speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lost it after Donald Trump won the state’s primary and felt the need to “fact check” him during his victory speech.

Maddow unleashed on Trump for saying that he won New Hampshire in 2016 and 2020. Donald Trump won both primaries, she explained, but did not win the general election in that state, according to the official results.

“There we go, ” Maddow said. “So this is part of the issue here. So Donald Trump saying that he won New Hampshire not only in previous primaries, but that he won New Hampshire in the general election is not true.”

“Donald Trump did, to his credit in 2016, win the New Hampshire Republican primary. He did in 2020 win the New Hampshire Republican primary, but both in 2016 when he was competing against Hillary Clinton in the general election, he narrowly lost New Hampshire in the general election,” she continued.

“And then in 2020 when he was competing against Joe Biden in the general election, he lost New Hampshire by a good, fair chunk of vote,” she went on. “So the former president has opened his remarks tonight, once again by proclaiming falsehoods about previous elections. This is what makes it hard to take him, his pronouncements live. We’ll try again though. Here we go…”

MSNBC then resumed its Trump New Hampshire victory speech coverage.

CNN also broke away from former President Trump’s address in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, after he won the state’s primary election, confirming his front-runner position in the 2024 Republican race.

Noting that former Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy worked as “somewhat of a hype man” for Trump during his address, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said he hadn’t “seen anything like that since Bundini Brown,” referring to boxer Muhammad Ali’s legendary trainer and supporter.

“I heard at least two or three things that need fact checking,” Tapper said, introducing CNN fact checker Daniel Dale. “Obviously, Donald Trump did not win in 2020, he lost that election and that’s been adjudicated over and over again, although to the crowd he’s speaking to, they believe it even though it’s a lie.”

There is nothing wrong with fact-checking presidential candidates. But first, it is customary to allow a political candidate to speak uninterrupted before silencing him to deliver a “fact check” that could wait until after the event is over. And second, it is necessary to give all political candidates the same treatment.

Joe Biden has likely never been “fact checked” during a live speech, despite lying constantly about everything from the border crisis to his son Hunter Biden’s illicit business activities.

Third, don’t have anchors who are known for lying constantly to the American public. As one can see, Maddow has been caught repeatedly lying about political matters.

The Washington Free Beacon produced a video that shows Rachel Maddow pronouncing that MSNBC would not allow Donald Trump to speak without interrupting him with “fact checks,” despite the far-left network being a flagrant purveyor of misinformation.

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If MSNBC and CNN interrupted their own political coverage with “fact checks,” there would never be time for anything else on their networks. In fact, that would actually be what we used to call “journalism.”

By Melinda Davies
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4 months ago

She is so filled with irrational hatred of all things Republican that she has destroyed any credibility she ever had, small that it was. Her network is also being diminished in the process. Pitiful and unwatchable.

Brenda Dixon-Hines
Brenda Dixon-Hines
4 months ago

And according to Mad cow Biden has never needed fact-checking, oh please ..

4 months ago

Is it not the case that he did win NH but the votes were tampered with?

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