Left Wing Radical Joy Reid Reposts Suggestion to Deactivate Twitter on New Threads App, Still Hasn’t Deactivated her Own Twitter Account

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is overly enthusiastic about the new Meta app Threads. She shared a thread that pointed out that the app had 5 million subscribers in 4 hours. She added, “Yeah this joint might kill off the nazi bird app for real. Familiar vibes, a lot of your peeps already on? Redrum…”

She also reposted an article that gives instructions on how to deactivate your Twitter account, however, Reid herself hasn’t taken the steps to delete or deactivate her own Twitter account.

Threads seems to be garnering much attention. The app makes it easy for users to sign up as it can connect to your Instagram account if you have one and allows you two follow those you already follow on Instagram.

Since Elon Musk announced he wanted to buy Twitter and make it a free speech platform, many on the left have bemoaned the move and looked for somewhere else to rant. With Threads now out, many are claiming this could be the end of Twitter.

Jim Cramer appears to be ready to see the end of Twitter he announced on CNBC, “I say game, set, match Zuckerberg….Facebook, Instagram is a really terrific product and Twitter is awful.”

We will again see if those who “hate” Twitter will actually leave the platform.

By Liam Donovan
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