Kayleigh McEnany Goes Against Donald Trump, Defends Hunter Biden, Says White House Cocaine Wasn’t His

Kayleigh McEnany doesn’t believe the cocaine found at the White House belonged to Hunter Biden.

Thursday morning, McEnany shared why she thinks it couldn’t be Hunter on Fox News’s Outnumbered, “For it to be Hunter Biden, he left on Friday, he was at Camp David. There is no way, it is inconceivable to think cocaine could sit for a 72-hour period [at The White House], so I would rule him out at this point.”

Her opinion comes in contradiction to what her former boss Donald Trump has been sharing on Truth Social:

“Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden. But watch, the Fake News Media will soon start saying that the amount found was “very small,” & it wasn’t really COCAINE, but rather common ground up Aspirin, & the story will vanish. Has Deranged Jack Smith, the crazy, Trump hating Special Prosecutor, been seen in the area of the COCAINE? He looks like a crackhead to me!”

McEnany’s account wasn’t believed by all, some speculation on Twitter and beyond has still spread:

Blaze TV host Chad Prather shared a video of Hunter in which he appears to be stressed over something. Prather captioned it, “Looks like Hunter is stressing from losing his little baggie.”

Mark Morgan, former FBI agent as well as former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Agency while under Trump commented, it should take “about 30 minutes to solve” where the cocaine came from. “

He added, “There’s a manifest. There are cameras. I could go on. This literally should take them about 30 minutes to figure out whose cocaine it was. Whether it was a series of staffers, who apparently might be deeply involved, or one staffer or Hunter Biden himself, it doesn’t really matter. The reality is that you have a president and a White House that have a disregard for the law, they really don’t care.”

John Rich shared his thoughts, “A new narcotics charge against Hunter would violate his probation from the recent plea deal. So, you think we’ll ever find out who’s cocaine that was? Don’t hold your breath.”

Many feel that the fact that it has already been determined it is unlikely that they will find out whose cocaine it was shows that it is a coverup. There have been claims that the DOJ and the FBI are weaponized against the right while they seemingly cover up things for the left.

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It seems unlikely that we will ever know how the cocaine got into the White House or who it belonged to.

By Liam Donovan
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