Adam Schiff Claims Biden’s Impeachment Isn’t Credible

Outgoing and censured U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sat down with leftist Lawrence Jones Tuesday night to discuss the Biden impeachment inquiry.

Schiff, who appears to consider himself an expert in the field of impeachment thinks the only motivation behind McCarthy’s decision to greenlight an impeachment inquiry is to stay Speaker of the House “one more day”. He added that McCarthy “stands for nothing”.

Schiff shared his interview with Jones on X along with:

“There’s one legitimate reason for an impeachment inquiry — evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors by the president. That doesn’t exist here. McCarthy doesn’t care if he can keep his Speaker title. But what’s the point of being Speaker if you don’t stand for anything?”



This adds an extra proverbial stop to Schiff’s Joe Biden impeachment outrage tour that surely isn’t over yet, after Schiff spoke to radically left-wing biased Wolf Blitzer yesterday as well.

Schiff also took the opportunity to share his displeasure about the impeachment inquiry with Blitzer. Schiff shared he believes McCarthy is just doing the bidding of Donald Trump. He continued on his rant calling the impeachment inquiry “evidence-free” and “purely politically motivated”.

Blitzer asked Schiff if he was curious about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and a possible link to Joe when he was Vice President.

Schiff defended Biden claiming that there is no evidence of “wrongdoing” on the part of Joe Biden.

“Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of a bogus impeachment inquiry into President Biden is based on two things: McCarthy’s weakness as speaker, and his willingness to do Trump’s bidding. It’s certainly not based on evidence or facts.”



With Donald Trump out of the White House, it seems Schiff is now using McCarthy as his latest campaign tool as he aims for the Senate. Earlier this month he shared a video of himself explaining what he thinks of the Speaker of the House.

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“My dad asked me recently what I thought of Kevin McCarthy…”



Schiff appears to only run on attacking other people. He spent years attempting to oust Trump from the White House. Now, McCarthy is the Republican with the highest title and Schiff’s newest campaign piñata.

By Liam Donovan
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