Lawyer Testifies: Doctors Were Paid to ‘Murder’ Patients to Inflate Covid Death Toll

Renowned American attorney Tom Renz has testified before the Ohio Senate, making explosive allegations that hospitals and doctors were incentivized to “murder” patients in order to exaggerate the threat of COVID-19.

Renz’s testimony has ignited a firestorm of controversy, drawing both sharp criticism and fervent support from different quarters.

During his testimony, Renz argued that financial incentives provided by the federal government led healthcare providers to falsely attribute deaths to COVID-19.

He claimed that these incentives created a perverse motivation for hospitals and doctors to intentionally mismanage patient care, resulting in unnecessary deaths.

According to Renz, this was done to inflate COVID-19 death statistics and create a false narrative about the severity of the pandemic.

Renz presented various pieces of evidence to support his claims, including documentation of federal funding allocations and testimonies from healthcare workers who alleged that they were pressured to follow protocols that they believed were harmful to patients.

He asserted that treatments that could have saved lives were deliberately withheld in favor of those that were more lucrative but less effective or even harmful.

“These doctors and hospitals were given financial incentives to essentially murder patients,” Renz stated during his testimony.

“This was not about saving lives; it was about creating a crisis to justify unprecedented public health measures and restrictions.”

Renz’s allegations have sparked a heated debate. Critics argue that his claims are baseless and dangerous, potentially undermining public trust in healthcare providers and the medical community at large.

They contend that healthcare workers have been on the front lines of the pandemic, risking their lives to save others, and that Renz’s accusations are an affront to their sacrifices and hard work.

Public health experts have also weighed in, emphasizing the rigorous processes involved in determining cause of death and the protocols followed in treating COVID-19 patients.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, May 26, 2024, they point out that the pandemic’s impact on healthcare systems worldwide has been well-documented, with millions of deaths attributed to the virus based on scientific evidence and clinical observations.

However, Renz’s testimony has found support among some groups, particularly those skeptical of the official COVID-19 narrative and the measures taken by governments to control the spread of the virus.

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These supporters argue that Renz is shedding light on corruption and malpractice within the healthcare system and that his allegations warrant serious investigation.

Social media has amplified the controversy, with the testimony quickly going viral and generating widespread discussion.

Hashtags related to Renz’s claims trended on various platforms, with users expressing a mix of outrage, support, and skepticism.

Renz called for a thorough investigation into the financial incentives provided to hospitals and the protocols they followed during the pandemic.

He argued that only a comprehensive inquiry could reveal the truth about the alleged manipulation of COVID-19 death statistics and ensure accountability for those responsible.

Tom Renz’s testimony before the Ohio Senate has raised serious allegations about the conduct of hospitals and doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While his claims have sparked significant controversy and debate, they have also highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in the healthcare system.

Whether his allegations will lead to formal investigations or policy changes remains to be seen, but they have undoubtedly contributed to the ongoing discourse about the handling of the pandemic and its broader implications for public trust in health institutions.

By Kate Stephenson
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
21 days ago

He’s right; they were!

21 days ago

One strong piece of evidence (not mentioned) is that remdezivir was the only treatment Falsi would allow to be prescribed in hopsitals (besides needless respirators) . It shut down the kidneys and created increasing flu symptoms. That’s all you closed: they (Falsi and co.) murdered many.

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