Anti-WEF Lawmaker’s Husband Found Murdered: ‘They Killed Him!’

The husband of an outspoken anti-World Economic Forum (WEF) lawmaker has been found murdered in his car after being strangled to death with a zip tie.

Italian MEP Francesca Donato revealed this week that her husband, Angelo Onorato, was found dead in his vehicle.

Onorato’s body was found with something tightly wrapped around his neck, signaling a murder.

Donato rose to prominence for her vocal activism against the WEF’s globalist agenda.

She has become a thorn in the side of Klaus Schwab and his allies by standing firmly against the mass Covid mRNA vaccine campaign, the WEF’s “Net Zero” climate agenda, and the Western funding if Ukraine’s war with Russia.

The Member of the European Parliament has frequently warned that Schwab and the globalists are pushing the world into World War Three so they can enslave what remains of humanity.

Donato is now raising the alarm that her husband was murdered because she is standing up against the WEF’s globalist agenda.

According to Euronews, Donato and her daughter found Angelo’s body in his car.

Both women immediately declared that he was killed. reports, “Onorato had something tied tightly around his neck, perhaps an electrician’s zip tie.”

The daughter, Carolina, wrote in a social media post:

“No one dare say or even think that my father committed suicide. They killed him!

“He was not a person who would have ever left his family like this, and above all, as I personally found him together with my mother, I can tell you that it was not a suicide but a murder,” she added.

A video clip of Donato describing why she opposes EU funding of Ukraine’s war with Russia is going viral online.

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Donato said she does not support sending European funds to purchase weapons for Ukraine’s war with Russia and doesn’t support sanctions against Russia as they’re “useless.”

Recently, during the latest International Covid Summit, the Italian MEP also spoke out about Covid shot injuries and deaths caused by the mass vaccination campaign.


With recent physical attacks on prominent anti-globalist politicians around the world, many have been noting on social media that each of the people targeted lately has been anti-WEF.

Could the same people behind the attack on Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico be sending a message to Donato?

Other anti-globalist leaders have been targeted in recent years.

Populist Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed by an attempted assassin in 2018 during a campaign rally.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot and killed by an assassin in 2022.

Police are still investigating the mysterious death of Angelo Onorato.

By Hunter Fielding
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19 days ago

The WEF is a full blown criminal enterprise with the goal of ruling over the entire world. The means of doing this is to reduce the population massively and doing it through controlling our food sources with their “doctoring” of them with actions such as propagandizing that what we eat is harmful to us. Their substitutes? Bugs, artificial foods, artificial meats and grains.
It is time to arrest every single one of these “world leaders” and remove them permanently from society before they can succeed in doing it to us.

19 days ago

The WEF is a CONSPIRACY! The elite are conspiring to enslave the planet, and they don’t seem to have any qualms about their methods.
It only makes sense. Intimidation and threats are why so many world leaders are capitulating to this dastardly NAZI program!
People…lives have been sacrificed, warning the world about this ideological cancer! Raise a red flag, oppose the New World Order, and an example will be made.
We thought we knew how organized crime works. We were wrong. The plans of the WEF, the UN, the WHO and the Global Socialist class are off the scale in comparison.
World leaders are intimidated, threatened or killed if they don’t comply! Globalist bullies want to run the world…and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve their criminal goals.

18 days ago

They are removing all who get in their way allegedly but no-one does a thing about it.
I cannot believe the times we are living in. :*(

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