KJP Takes it Personal, Goes after TN Gov for Banning Drag Shows from Public Spaces, How Does that ‘Help People’s Lives?’

Republican Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee signed a bill into law Thursday that restricts where a drag show can take place.

The law makes it illegal for drag shows to take place in the view of someone who is not an adult or anywhere that is public property. It passed the Tenessee legislature along party lines before Lee signed it into law.

Biden White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre was asked about two “anti-LGBTQ” bills that Lee recently signed into law, one which stops children from receiving gender-affirming care, and the other prohibiting drag performances on public property or in view of those under 18. The reporter asked what does the “White House make of these laws and is there anything you can do or planning to do about these laws?”

She answered explaining that the “American people are focused on so many issues.” She went on to list off topics she believes the American people care about, gender-affirming care for children and drag shows were not among the topics listed.

She then went after the TN governor. She claimed that the Tennessee governor isn’t going after issues that matter to the American people. “What sense does that make,” she questioned. “To go after drag shows? How is that going to help people’s lives?”

She continued to bash the governor, “Don’t take my words for it on this issue. The governor himself…hasn’t been able to cite any examples…to show that drag shows in public spaces are a problem.”

The governor of Tennesee has addressed the issue and what it is a problem in his view. When a picture of himself dressed up as a woman in a yearbook photo started to make the rounds, he pushed back.

He accused the reporter who asked him about the picture of conflating the high school picture with sexualized entertainment and called the question ridiculous. The reporter can be heard before the clip ends claiming that “drag is not sexual”.

This is an issue many Americans feel passionate about on both sides. Some on the left want as many people, including children, to be exposed to drag shows. Some on the right take major issues with it and see it as “grooming” children as well as sexualizing children.

The mainstream media has promoted young drag performers who aren’t even of age. To some, this seems like child abuse.

By Hunter Fielding
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