Disgraced Matt Lauer Eyes Tone Deaf Move with Chris Cuomo/Megyn Kelly Style Comeback Attempt

It appears that Matt Lauer is hoping to make a comeback. Lauer has stayed silent since he was ousted from the limelight after complaints of sexual misconduct came to light.

Lauer was fired from the “Today” show in 2017 over “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” It seems he feels that there has been enough time between the scandal and now that it may be time for a comeback.

A friend of Lauer told Page Six, “He [Lauer] thinks that he should be able to have a comeback”.

One of the startling allegations against Lauer was from Brooke Nevils. She alleged Lauer raped her at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Nevils admitted she didn’t report the incident to NBC or the police, she did however continue to have sexual encounters with Lauer once they were back in New York.

Lauer was also reported to have had a fling with another NBC star, as well as many other allegations from other women, although Lauer had denied any wrongdoing.

Another source told Page Six, “He’s still pretty upset about how he was ousted at NBC and upset at all the people he thought were his friends who turned their backs on him. He knows he made mistakes, and he is a lot more humble.”

“He understands that there might not be any sort of appetite for [a comeback]. In other words, he wants to see if there would be any chance, but he understands fully that there might be zero chance. He’s not unrealistic.”

Matt has been offered opportunities in the past, but something always comes up, and the opportunity goes away, another source told Page Six.

Lauer is looking at Megyn Kelly as an example for his possible comeback. “His problem is that he can’t go back to mainstream TV, because advertisers would likely pull away. He could do a podcast or something on his own terms. All of his friends hope he can find a pathway. But he isn’t rushing into anything,” a source said. Some may see his attempt as more comparable former CNN host Chris Cuomo’s however.

Lauer currently spends most of his time with his three children and his girlfriend, Shamin Abas.

His divorce from Annette Roque was finalized in 2019. Roque was married to Lauer for 21 years and is the mother to his three children.

It seems we may see more from the disgraced former “Today” show host soon.

By Hunter Fielding
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