Kayleigh McEnany Slams Rashida Tlaib For Dodging Reporter’s Questions About Report on Hamas Slaughtering Infants

Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany yesterday shared a video on X that showed U.S. House Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) dodging a reporter’s questions about a report on Hamas slaughtering infants.

McEnany quipped in the post, “It should be fairly easy to condemn babies being decapitated. But not for @RashidaTlaib. Disgraceful.”

In the video, FOX Business reporter Hillary Vaughn confronted Tlaib and asked, “Congresswoman, Hamas terrorists have cut off babies’ heads and burned children alive. Do you support Israel’s rights to defend themselves against this brutality?”

“You can’t comment about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? Congresswoman, do you have a comment on Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads?” Vaughn continued as Tlaib headed past roped off areas.

Turning into a tunnel, Vaughn inquired, “You have nothing to say about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? Do you condone what Hamas has done chopping off babies’ heads, burning children alive, raping women in the streets?”

However, Tlaib just looked at her and kept walking. “You have no comment about children’s heads being chopped off?” Vaughn prodded, surprised.

Vaughn concluded as Tlaib entered a Congressional elevator, “Congresswoman, why do you have the Palestinian flag outside your office if you do not condone what Hamas terrorists have done to Israel? Do Israeli lives not matter to you?”

In a statement made on Sunday, Tlaib said, “I grieve the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost yesterday, today, and every day.”

Tlaib also appeared to blame the U.S. for the attacks as she said, “As long as our country provides billions in unconditional funding to support the apartheid government, this heartbreaking cycle of violence will continue.”

By Liam Donovan
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